My 6 Weaknesses

Friday 23 January 2015
Olympus - Hermes leathers

Ahh.....Hermès....Hermès, my love affair with you was cemented over a decade ago in a chatroom frequented by equally bag obsessed ladies (like myself). Thanks to you, many friendship are formed and continue to this day. Our pockets are lighter because your sky high prices continue to rocket, year after year. If only UK's GDP performs as well as you do. You're mysterious, difficult to get hold of, desirable, look better than Pierce Brosnan and Hugh Jackman put together but unlike them, you're arrogant because you simply do not give a damn. And people still want you.......

tweed jackets
chanel jacket

I'm partial to tweed. A beautifully tailored Chanel tweed bouclé jacket is at the very top of my list. When planets align, unicorns trot on the grounds of New Forest, I lose 10 pounds in my sleep and win the million dollar lottery jackpot.......then I'll buy a black Chanel jacket at retail price. Otherwise, it's either buying alternatives say, Isabel Marant jackets or trying my luck at nabbing a Chanel bouclé jacket on the secondhand market.

Miller Harris candle

I used to scoff at the idea of buying flowers and candles. It's frivolous. A little like chucking money down the drain. Or using dollar notes as kindling. I blame my current addiction on Instagram. There are just waaaaay too many photos of flowers and candles. And cashmere....why buy cashmere when wool will do the trick? Weeeeell......never say never. As winter drags on, even the most hardcase dudette succumb to it.


My baking skills are rusty from lack of use. I've put off replacing my dead mixer for well over a year. I figure that if I don't bake, I won't be tempted to scarf down an entire cake. I caved in during the Christmas sales and bought a bright yellow Kenwood mixer. I've dusted off the covers of my cookbooks and unearthed old recipes that I'd adapted on my blog. Sigh. There goes my New Year's resolution which bombed before it even had a chance at success.


  1. What a lovely list of weakness and i can't nod enough. If I myself won a lottery ticket i will immediately put an email for you and Katherine for all the tips i can get before purchasing a Hermes', or maybe i will track down all of your bag post hahaha! If there's only such luck no? For the meantime i am satisfied seeing all the selections of beauties you have. For now though flower crush and desserts do the trick.:)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I used to feel the same way about flowers, but am now drawn to purchasing them much more often...and I can never say no to baked goods :)


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