About Me


Hi there! My name's Marlene. I'm based in a picturesque medieval city just outside of London, U.K but am originally from Borneo and New Zealand. I'm a self professed Francophile with a love for French clothes, shoes and bags but with the taste buds of an Italian. I subscribe to a minimalist and pragmatic approach to editing my wardrobe, preferring quality over quantity with the emphasis on affordability. I enjoy fashion but I'm also unapologetically driven by comfort and practicality. I am allergic to pretentiousness, rudeness and dust.

I have the attention span of a gnat so please don't be surprised if I flit from topic to topic on this blog. I tend to waffle on about fashion, food, photography, lifestyle and travel. I'm a copywriter and editor at www.swoon-mag.com and freelance as a photographer. You can contact me here at thepurseaddict@gmail.com for more details.

**Due to a post I'd written about Hermes Evelyne years ago, I've been receiving numerous emails requesting me to authenticate Hermes bags. Please note that I'm unable to entertain these requests. There are proper avenues that authenticate bags such as The Purse Forum  or the stores. 


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