Instagram & Beauty Secrets

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Remember the prolonged brain fart that I'd mentioned here? It'll explain why I've disappeared from blogosphere for a week at a time. I'm still alive............on  Instagram because it's easier to churn out images than words. I'm a woman of few words.....*laughing hysterically*.....  Yeah right. Such an oxymoron. On a side note, thanks to this lovely lady - Vina, I found out that I was on the list of 20 Amazing Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram. Do pop over to check out the other 19 Instagramers. Thank you, Brit and Co for placing me next to such talented ladies.

I've used my share of anti-ageing beauty products in the past year or two but it's hard to gauge whether they truly work or not despite reading having read the reviews. I've been dying to find out beauty secrets from women who simply don't look their age. So......I started a series on Swoon Mag called "Beauty secrets from women who don't look their age". The title is a mouthful but what better way to get advice than from those who've walked the walk?


  1. I would dearly love to learn a tip or five.

    1. You might be able to recognize the next lady on the beauty secrets feature.

  2. Just popped over there--The first one is great! Will follow along with interest, as my skin is looking the worst it has in years. *pity party*


    1. Alissa, there will be more ladies featured on the Beauty secrets series in the upcoming weeks. Mine's just starting to come right but it's still pffffft.



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