A Day in London

Thursday 1 May 2014
Outfit: Rag & Bone blazer (similar), Gap shirt, Hermes belt, Zara jeans, Christys' fedora and custom made boots (similar here)

Yesterday, I took the rare opportunity to attend back to back Jigsaw events in London. Here's a rather unflattering and grainy photo of me in the fitting room. Life has been very hectic recently as I've been juggling many things, all at the same time (aren't we all??). Hence, this is a let's-grab-whatever-that's-within-arm's-reach outfit including the hat because yes, I had no idea what to do with my hair so hiding it seemed to be the easiest solution. It did occur to me on the train that I'd be attending an event with fashion heavyweights and British celebrities and I'm in casual gear....... Ooops. Too late.

Petit Bateau x Satu Maaranen t-shirt  £45

I popped into my favorite store on King's Road to check out Petit Bateau's collaboration with a young and incredibly talented Finnish designer, Satu Maaranen who was crowned the winner at the Fashion and Photography festival at Hyères last year. The colors are bold and striking yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Despite being generally rather color phobic, I was surprisingly rather drawn to the print. Here's a visual diary of her collaboration with the iconic French brand. Like all Petit Bateau garments, the range is beautifully made at an affordable price range.


Once upon a time, Jigsaw was on nearly every woman's lips. My friends would utter the name in a reverential manner, the way I would with Isabel Marant. But somehow, it lost its luster along the way. They have a new albeit young CEO, Peter Luis at the helm who'd revived John Lewis and revolutionized their clothing department . He was also awarded the Fashion Retailing Personality of the Year in 2013. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a good partnership that will set Jigsaw back on its path.

The new Autumn/Winter collection consists of mostly dark and muted colors. I spied a few cocoon coats which are on trend. I was informed approximately 95% of the prints are done in-house. I'd love to see more pieces in the future that are interesting and unique, that are perhaps edgier and trendier while staying true to Jigsaw's style.


Admittedly, I have children's clothes on my mind as Lil L has had a growth spurt. I headed straight for this parka which is beautifully made with plenty of pockets and a fleece and fur lined hood as well as an adjustable waist and hem. Practical, comfortable and well designed. My only critique is, it would've been a bonus if it has a detachable lining which will make it a perfect parka all year round.  It's interesting to note that I live in a town with a large concentration of children (and strollers!) yet the Jigsaw store does not stock any childrenswear.


Sadly, I had to say no to the lovely canapés at Jigsaw. I was stuffed to the gills after a 2 course lunch.


All the Jigsaw Press Day attendees were offered a large pom pom with the color of their choice. Here's mine which drew a lot of smiles as I walked down Oxford St.


After a spot of shopping, I nipped back to the party at their new store Emporium on 55 Duke Street, opposite Selfridges. The party was in full swing with the red carpet rolled out, alcohol flowing, a coffee bar set up in one corner, a catering staff spent all night slicing delicious pieces of ham (best I've ever had) and gaggles of people mingling about.

Now here's the thing. I'm a HUGE fan of The Shop at Bluebird which stocks a lot of my favorite brands but I didn't know it's part of the Jigsaw family. They also champion and showcase a selection of carefully curated pieces from emerging British designers. I was particularly drawn to Studio Nicholson. The designer, Nick Wakeman who is a striking woman was in conversation with a few attendees. I would've loved to speak to her about her designs.

pssssst.....I found a lightweight 100% cotton breton top at Jigsaw for £35.


  1. I love the Petit Bateau top on you. Even if it's colorful, it's very simple and elegant.

  2. Jigsaw have only one way to go and that is up! Hopefully they can get rid of the formal frumpy tag they've had for a while.
    You look fab in your hat - love it!

  3. Ah we could of met up, I had a day of press events and was also in the Oxford St area at some point during the day xx

  4. What's the thing with your hair? For me it looks gorgeous and so do you, younger even (no I am not flattering you)! By the way I AM in London for a week from tomorrow, just telling.... I'll be staying close to the place I used to live in while a student Shepherds Bush)... I don't know if I'll have time to travel too far outside London though but I will try and I will live on a (relative) budget. You know euro/pounds... I did not know Jigsaw but it seems quite interesting to me, I'll have to give a proper look.

    1. Can you email me on Looking forward to hearing from you!


  5. Please tell me you bought the Petit Bateau top! It looks amazing. Loooove red, white and blue together...

    1. Not yet. I want to try the blue top before I make up my mind. Too bad I ran out of time and had to dash.

  6. I used to buy a lot from Jigsaw but after I stopped working, I stopped going in as the prices were just a little high for a SAHM for some of their plainer pieces. Having said that, I do like their shoes. I only realised that when I went through my shoes recently and noticed I'd had a few pair of boots and shoes from there over the years. But yes, I hear what you're saying about some of the prints needing a little bit more oomph about them. The store in Leeds is lovely though - the Grumps used to sit there quite happily reading a paper leaving me to try things on.

  7. Love the Petit Bateau top - that is really nice & also love you hat - how cool !

  8. I love Jigsaw and have for years. Admittedly, their pieces perhaps arent the trendiest but when I go through my wardrobe, it's my Jigsaw pieces that have stood the test of time. I have tops that are 5-6 years old and still going strong. I swing from wearing quite plain, classic clothes from Jigsaw and then switching to wearing something contemporary like Helmut Lang. I recently bought the dove white chinos and wear them all the time - they are great dressed up with a blazer for work but at the weekends with plimsolls and a T.
    I like that Jigsaw has its own identity of clothing and doesnt sway too far from that (ie not following and copying identically the latest trends). Whilst I'd like to see more edgier pieces, I hope that it is in addition to their classic pieces. I also love their shops, used to love the Manchester store but the new one on King St, not so much.... cant put my finger on it.
    I also like the SAs in JIgsaw, the ones in Manchester are always so friendly, and always pick things for me to try on that I would never have picked up off the rack otherwise.
    So, I agree - I wouldnt say Jigsaw are the trendiest of the bunch but for now, I'll stay faithful to them and continue to buy.

  9. I really like your outfit, very modern and cool, but the hat gives a classic touch! If I may say, you look a lot younger than your age! I don't know a lot about Jigsaw, but their canapes at least looked yummy! :)

  10. How does the petite bateu top fit? It looks perfect on you!

    1. Thank you! It's oversized so definitely stick to your usual size or take the next size down.



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