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Wednesday 30 April 2014
Clockwise: Chanel WOC (similar, get 10% off with code APRILFLASH), Wedgwood teacup set, a rose, Hotel Chocolat caramel & sea salt chocolates, Monica Vinader Riva diamond bracelet, Hermes scarf, Geodesis candle.

Thank you, ladies for all your tips and suggestions. Keep them coming! I'll be hitting the make up counters over the next few days armed with a list of your recommendations. Needless to say, I'm rather clueless about beauty products so all your comments have been particularly helpful. Merci!

It took me over a year to find a caviar Chanel WOC but this durable leather makes it worry free when I'm out and about, in rain or sunshine. (BTW, I once purchased an old and sad looking Chanel caviar bag and restored it to near new condition. That's how fabulous the leather is). I'm rather obsessed with Wedgwood teacup and saucer sets these days. This one's made in England and is dainty and pretty, the anti-thesis of my tomboy self.

Suffice to say, I'm hooked on anything that has the label "salted butter caramel" including these chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. A close friend of mine brought over a large bouquet of roses. They're in full bloom more than a week later. A huge thank you to Monica Vinader for gifting me with something on my wish list. I've been collecting Hermes scarves for a while, particularly ones with an Oriental theme. I hope to frame this "Ballade de Heian" someday. By the way, this is Natsuno Hidaka, the artist's illustration of the life in the Heian dynasty in Japan from 794 to 1185 A.D.

Now that I've shared my current favorites, what are yours? (um...yes....I'm pretty nosy about these things)


  1. Everything is stunning! The scarf is just beautiful, beautiful! My favorite things, lately:
    1. Hermes Bolide
    2. Cartier Juste un Clou ring
    3. Isabel Marant Bradi leather jacket
    4. Vans metallic gold slip-ons
    5. Natural colored fedora with black ribbon from Target
    6. AG "The Stilt" cigarette crop jeans
    7. Technivorm coffee maker (omg)
    8. Jane Iredale lipstick in "Ashley"
    9. New crisp white dinnerware from Sur le Table
    10. Hand-me-down Rolex two-toned Date Just 36mm from my husband

  2. I totally agree regarding the caviar WOC!

    My current favourite things:
    1) Chanel WOC
    2) Simmons bed (I am an animal in bed...the sloth and koala kind that sleeps 22 hours, hahaha)
    3) Samsung S5 mobile phone
    4) New Sergio Rossi fuchsia butterfly pumps
    5) Faceshop eyebrow pencil

  3. My current fave things are: not necessarily in this order,

    1: My lovely lovely sewing machine (which enables me to make some of my own clothes & bags)
    2: Tiffany engagement ring ( got it after 9 years of being married)
    3: Hermes Picotin
    4: Hermes New Libris shawl (Surprise christmas pressie from my lovely hubby)
    5: J brand skinny jeans
    6: Ugg (converse) type trainer/shoe. (love them so much)
    7: Any item of clothing or bag I've made myself. (such a sense of achievement, seeing as this time last year I didn't even know how to thread a sewing machine!)

  4. my favorite thing at this time:
    my new burgundy new balances from the boys collection! :) I finally got a pair this past month :)

  5. 1.) Madewell nightshade floral dress
    2.) Margiela leopard-heel hologram sandals
    3.) IM Laure jacket (yet another piece I bought after seeing it on you, Marlene!)
    4.) Araks underwear
    5.) Everlane gray sweatshirt & Petra tote in cognac
    6.) Swimming
    7.) Re-reading some old favorite books from Nabokov & Chekhov

  6. How gorgeous is that bracelet? Well I will join you slightly on the chocolate front a the moment, but I'm not fussy, any will do. After giving it up for Lent I seem to be making up for lost time and eating any I can lay my hands on (including the kids Easter Eggs...). Probably my most favourite item though is my Balenciaga handbag. Even over my vintage Chanel's and even though I wanted Chanel more than Balenciaga. It's more the emotions attached to it in a way, it was bought with some 'special' money so it means a lot. It has also been used far more than I ever imagined and adored with every single use. I can definitely say it's been worth it on the 'cost per wear' front. x

  7. Love your stuff Marlene! For summer I'm loving....

    1- Organic Greek yogurt with honey
    2- Hermes Mythiques Phoenix cotton gauze shawl in Blue Nuit.
    3- An old David Yurman Wheat necklace worn by itself (sans pendant) - love it with boho tops.
    4- Hoop earrings
    5- Ina Gartens Mustard Chicken. And I don't like mustard. :)
    6- Chartreuse Picotin MM
    7- Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose perfume
    8- A vintage Hermes large green stone pendant on a leather cord from the Margiela-era. LOVE
    9 - Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus and Mint candle
    10 -Rencontre Ocean H enamel bracelet in dark blue background with fish in reds and blues - worn with white. A favorite in summer.

  8. umm can i just say i'm all sorts of obsessed w/ this post?

    chanel, hermes and diamonds what's not to love!!

    plus food.. you know how much i love food. wahaha and i love anything salted caramel too.. the perfect balance of savory and sweet!

    as of late i've become COMPLETELY and utterly obssessed w/ chinaware namely in respect to tea/tea pots/tea sets ect. i love your wedgewood tea cup set!

  9. The ethics of pay to get my homework done and handing it in as your own work are in a moral grey area



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