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Sunday 4 May 2014

I hate to be the proverbial clichéd (adopted) English person who talks incessantly about the weather but when you have the ever changing atmospheric conditions like here, it's difficult not to get obsessed with it. I'm not packing my winter coats just yet. Right. Marching onwards and discarding the temptation to continue to whinge about it.

I've never truly dieted but being on hypertensive meds for life has a way of changing one's lifestyle which included eating healthier and doing more strenuous exercises. However, this heartfelt and truly inspiring story about losing 100 pounds (yes, you heard right. 100 pounds) just blew me out of the water.

I'm guilty of never listening to the flight attendants' spiel about air safety. Bet most of us are equally guilty of committing this particular sin. Here's a different take on it. You'll want sit up and pay attention if you get a flight attendant like this.

I'm still a HUGE fan of anything Hermes despite thinking that their Petit H range is a little naff. Here's an interview with Pierre-Alexis Dumas about the principles of Hermes.

If you love Paris, this is one blog you'll NEED to read.

These are simple words but many of us make that mistake time and time again. Here's a description of 30 incorrectly used words that make us look bad.

The mantra of this blog has always been buying less but better quality clothes at a price range that you can afford. There's more awareness of ethical clothing these days but it is still difficult to identify which manufacturer practices it and which ones don't. In any case, here's an insight to this dilemma.


  1. heart u marlene <3 <3!

  2. btw i had no idea you were on hypertensive meds your whole life because you look amazingly svelte!!

  3. I'm not reading the flight article, I'm petrified of flying and have to do so on Wednesday! Have a fab Bank Holiday x



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