An English Town

Wednesday 19 June 2013
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Outfit: vintage Coach Court bag, Alexander Wang t-shirt, Etoile Isabel Marant Sandrine skirt & K. Jacques St Tropez sandals or here

For the first time in a year or perhaps years, the temperature hit 26˚C in England. That's cause for a celebration on this part of the European continent. There was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and sit in front of my laptop. Sure it was cloudy but it was pure joy wandering down the little lanes that meander here and there without the sun beating down on me. The cobblestones, terrace houses, market and blossoming flowers in spring, all add to the charm of a quaint and picturesque English village. I've always been drawn to villages instead of beaches. I've explored my fair share of villages around the world but I've concluded that the little towns of Hampshire are a slice of heaven on earth.

I'm wearing a skirt for the first time in years. I bought this Etoile Isabel Marant skirt ages ago and have only just removed the tag. Gorgeous skirt but the ruffles nearly gave me a Marilyn Monroe moment when a sudden gust of wind blew up my skirt. I felt sorry for the guys working on the road. I don't think they've recovered from the shock. They would've had a different expression on their faces had I been a 20 something nubile young girl.


  1. Such beautiful photos! This really captures the true essence of a quite little and pretty English village! By the way i'm super loving that Skirt :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. such a quaint little place. your photos are, as always, lovely!

    steph /

  3. These photos are so darn pretty! They make me want to visit England even more now

  4. Oh my gosh, that's just too much gorgeousness - I've long been a fan of greenery in and on and around buildings. The bricks, the white, the black iron, the flowers, markets, laneways to wander.... ahhhh yes we explore them more often that beaches too. Even though there has actually been a bit of beach wandering for us lately - we find ourselves going to the beach as winter comes rather than in the stinking hot summer. x

  5. So happy to see your wearing your skirt! Love the outfit, Marlene!

    Hope to see more Summer inspiration from you:)

  6. You live in a very beautiful part of England Marlene. And I was wondering what had happened to the Sandrine skirt but here it is.

    And if you don't win the Brit Mums award for photography, you'll have been robbed!

  7. Lovely photos, so evocative of an Engish summer (not that you've had many, by the sounds of it!). Pretty skirt, too.

  8. English villages are so beautiful, much more picturesque than ours which still carry a strong industrial edge.
    There are some dream homes above.

  9. Marilyn Monroe moment ~ PRECIOUS!!! xoxo

  10. Sometimes I forget how beautiful England really is! I'm glad you posted these pictures to remind me!


    Five Minute Style 

  11. That's Winchester, born and bred! Great photos makes me appreciate it even more.

  12. Love the skirt and your Coach bag! And those pictures are just beautiful.

  13. I love your pictures on the's almost like I am taking a stroll with you..your pictures bring me into the place. :)



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