My Uniform This Week

Thursday 20 June 2013
Outfit: Rick Owens leather jacket (similar Rick Owens 70% off here and here), Helmut t-shirt (50% off), Etoile Isabel Marant sweatpants, Repetto flats (40% off), vintage Coach Court bag.

Outfit: Rick Owens leather jacket (similar Rick Owens 70% off here and here), Alexander Wang t-shirt (Europe, here), Zara jeans, ankle boots (similar here), Hermes Cape Cod watch and Chanel WOC.

Outfit: Rick Owens leather jacket (similar Rick Owens 70% off here and here), Uniqlo silk shirt, James Jeans Twiggy, Hermes Cape Cod watch, Repetto Camille pumps and vintage Coach Court bag.

I remember reading in a fashion magazine where the writer described her perspective of having a "uniform" look as a kiss of death. I can't argue with her there seeing that I envy those who enjoy experimenting and trying different looks. My idea of "experimenting" is sticking to one piece of garment and wearing it throughout the week in various different ways.

Notice the common denominator in all 3 photos? Yes, my favorite (and only) spring leather jacket from Rick Owens has a naturally slimming effect. It's even better when you zip it up because it rearranges all the jiggly bits around the torso and forces them upwards, thereby creating the optical illusion of a waistline.

The second part of my uniform involves a plain shirt. I've tried digital prints, florals, small prints etc etc but heck, I never know what to do with them. Some people have an eye for colors. Say, mixing orange with cerulean. I managed as far as getting a rouge Chanel bag. I consider putting black and grey together a triumphant moment.

And pants. ALWAYS pants. Especially after accidentally flashing the poor workers on the roadside yesterday in my ruffled Isabel Marant skirt. Sorry, guys. It wasn't on purpose. I swear. You see, you'll never ever have to worry about showing your underpants if you're squatting, doing the lotus position or running. Ah yes, the cross body bag. It's a relief knowing that I no longer have to hold on to my bag. Being hands free is revolutionary. As is a smartphone (phone + camera + mini laptop + map = the brilliant invention ever!!).


Lately, I've been checking out various pubs as part of an ongoing "research" that I'm doing. Note that I'm using the word research loosely here. This has got to be THE weirdest pub I've ever been to with eclectic decorations ranging from bunsen burners, old fire pails to taxidermy. I'm talking about stuffed baboon, giraffe head, African cow (check out the photo above. The cow was staring at me while I was sipping my drink) and even a hog. The owner painstakingly glued hundreds and hundreds of doll eyes onto the ceiling in the ladies toilet. Totally freaky to say the least.


  1. i really like it. You got pretty nice style

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  2. Love the pop of colour courtesy the little bag. And that pub looks fantastic!

  3. Haha aw Marlene you always put a smile on my face when reading your posts! Well, if I had a leather jacket that is as nice as yours, I don't think i'd take it off either! Even it is your uniform, I still think you manage to transform each look perfectly, chic as always :)

    Take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
    Daniella xox

  4. I find nothing wrong with having a fashion 'uniform', makes getting dressed every day easier, haha! In summer I always default to a tank and shorts combination to keep cool :)

    Away From Blue

  5. You always look impeccable Marlene and your 'uniform' looks so good it's what most of us just hope to achieve on a good day! I hope your 'research' is going well. So many over there to try its a nice little exploring exercise. I miss the one near you. I love that place. Have a great weekend.

    - Mandi

  6. If i had a jacket like this I'd live in it 24/7, too. :) You look wonderful! And I am very curious about the pub - not sure I'd like it, but I am sure it's worth seeing it once, for "research". :)
    Have a great weekend! x

  7. Ah! You took out your WOC for a spin! I love your uniform, that leather jacket is just perfect!

  8. I need you to find me a leather jacket. Please!

  9. Lovely. Perfect combination of slouchy tee, rolled pants and leather. My uniform this week too!

  10. Hi, Marlene, what size RO jacket you wear? I have similar build as you and am trying to decide on size 40 or 42. Thanks.

    1. Hi there. This is a size 40. I've tried on many RO jackets I've tried on. The size 40 jackets are the only ones that I can comfortable zip up with room to spare. Hope this helps.

    2. eeek. Can't believe I wrote that sentence. That goes to show I should've gotten more sleep before typing out a reply!

  11. Thank you. I ordered both and will see which one fits better. This one. Not very RO:)

    1. Mine's not the typical RO big collared jacket either. Out of all the RO jackets on NAP, I would've picked the same one as yours.

  12. Hi! I tend to get obsessed with one piece too - your jacket looks awesome.
    (ps - creepy bathroom indeed!)
    S in HK

  13. That pop of red is a divine touch ;-)



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