Ankle Boots with a Difference

Tuesday 18 June 2013
Saint Laurent £ 595  vs See by Chloe  £ 361

If there's an indispensable pair of shoes that every woman should have in her closet, it would have to be black ankle boots. Any half decent fashionista knows that. Well.....except moi. I've been searching high and low for ones that aren't too chunky, embellished, tons of hardware or bland. It's a well known fact that I can't do heels but I'm short enough to warrant some help in that department.

Up until this point,  the only black ankle boots that make my heart goes pitter patter would have to be these glorious sleek beauties from Saint Laurent. Which are also insanely expensive. And costs an entire month's grocery. It was instant love the minute I saw these See by Chloe 30mm boots from the new Fall/Winter collection at Liberty. Trust me to pick the one thing that isn't on sale. I'm not a big fan of See by Chloe clothes or bags but I've found their shoes to be inordinately comfortable unlike the ones from the mainline. The price tag is easier on the pocket too.

I love that the soles are cushioned (hate hard soles!), fit is great (hate slippage just as much), the leather is soft and supple and they're superbly well made. The price is a little to swallow as it's still a hefty sum of money to part with. What are your thoughts on these two?


  1. Actually prefer the shape of the Chloe version by far over the SL. Can't afford to put either in my closet but that's ok. :)

  2. Love them even if i think that Chloe version is prettier.

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  3. i know how hard it is to find a decent pair of boots. we're probably too spoilt for choice. i can attest that see by chloe shoes are pretty comfy, well the ones i've had so far. actually prefer the sbc ones to the saint laurents here..

    steph /

  4. My SLs are one of my fave boots ever, so I won't be much help in swaying you in the other direction. ;) But it totally sounds like you'd also be happy with the Chloes too!


  5. I really like See by Chloe but having seen Theresa (above) rock her SL boots I would probably pick them as I prefer the shape and style just a little bit more. I'm lucky enough to have a pretty good selection of black boots but if I didn't well.. these would be it!

  6. I prefer the SBC ones too - the SL ones are just a touch too refined. The SBC look like they would be more flattering on and slim the legs whereas the SL would make the legs look too carroty (well mine anyway). There you

  7. Oo I love both pairs!! Both are so chic and definitely timeless, I also think they are great hight for wearing all year round. I would love to help you pick a pair but i'm super indecisive on this one, both? Haha, we all wish, right? :)

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your week,
    Daniella xox

  8. I actually prefer the design of the See by Chloé boots.

  9. Also prefer the See by Chloe ones...hmm...have been looking for ankle boots myself...

    I think these have a bit of edge while still looking sleek and classic...the SL ones are a bit too sleek, I think, and might not work as well with a more casual wardrobe. But what do I know, you are the one with a fabulous style blog ;)


  10. Definitely the SBC ones, especially if you aren't a heels person.

  11. I prefer the See by Chloe shoes because of the slightly rounder shape. If you can afford it without going bankrupt and will wear it to pieces, why not?

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  12. They both are amazing. I think I lean towards the SL just a little bit more. I think you should go for the ones you really like the most or you might always regret getting the second best.

  13. Having major shoe lust over the Saint Laurent ones. The shape, the heel, everything, appeals to me more than the SBC ones, but if you prefer the latter, more power to you! I must admit, though, that the price tag on the former does make them seem much less attractive...

    1. True, true! Love the sleekness of the Saint Laurent boots but the See by Chloe's looking more attractive by the day, thanks to its price tag (though still pretty darn expensive!).



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