The Travesty of High Heels

Monday 22 October 2012

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The universe breathed a sigh of relief when the fashion insiders turned up at the Fashion Week in low heels and flats. What a revelation. Thick court heels. Valentino Rockstud ballerinas which made  flats totally cool and acceptable. "Flats are in", the fashion world declared. What?! Hah! I didn't even know they were out of vogue in the first place, having worn them out of necessity on a daily basis. Who knew that these glamorous ladies actually stuffed flats in their handbags to swap over once they'd exceeded their pain threshold for the day? Like most women I know who had to use public transportation to go to work, they race to their office in sneakers or flats and kept a pair of heels under their desk.

I have this love-hate relationship with high heels. Love cos.... what vertically challenged woman wouldn't want to look taller. Your back's straigher, your legs go right up to the armpits and then there's the left-right hip swaying movement that just makes us more alluring. To the female species. Men could care less because they just totally don't get the fact that we have to hail a cab to go down 3 blocks instead of walking it.

"Hey!", my brother exclaimed. "You've got flat feet. It'll become a serious problem if you don't get that sorted." I love my brother. I do. I just don't want to get diagnosed particularly when I didn't ask for it. Or go to a clinic. He kept harping on about my condition the entire duration of our trip. Over the course of the next year, I've been slowly wearing low to medium heels to get a higher arch. It's only recently that I felt I've reached a milestone. I could finally strut my stuff in 2 inch heels.

A friend emailed me recently and asked if I wanted her size 34 Louboutins. She'd outgrown them during her previous pregnancy (why didn't that happen to me??). Hell, yeah! You know the sayin' man's trash is another man's treasure. The heels are thicker and the toes, wider which meant that the risk of fracturing my ankles is slimmer (a friend hobbled around for weeks when she snapped her ankles trying to navigate through a cobbled street in high heels) and that I could wear them out longer, unlike my Christian Louboutin No Prive which nearly decapitated my toes after an hour.

I've just discovered a plethora of accessories in the marketplace to reduce every ache, blister and slippage brought about from wearing heels. Who knew that high heels could be such an expensive, painful yet utterly intriguing subject that brought copious reverence quite unlike its lesser known sibling, the flats?

p.s. I have to mention that I bought the Louboutins from my friend at a disgustingly low price.

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  1. I am overwhelmed by the fabulous content of your blog, and the post about heels, I could comment in bookform-just having had foot surgery after years in heels, I welcome loafers to the scene! Midheels, even better!

  2. Why don't I have friends who hand me down Louboutins? I hear your pain though - I use to wear reasonably high heels for work. Usually 3" for work and 4" for going out. Doesn't sound that much but if you think about the arch if you only have small feet - that is quite a lot of stress. These days, it's more 1" to 2.5" and I'm happy with that. I have started looking at heels again and I know it's all down to seeing too many nice pairs of heels on too many blogs and I should really wise up to the fact that I am happiest in low. But it doesn't stop me looking and like you say, they do make you look better. Sashay!

  3. How kind of your friend and what a great treasure for you! I am still only admiring bloggers and other street style folks wearing heels as I walk too much, and too fast, it'd be detriment to my health! :P I do however keep a pair or two at work just coz. ;)

  4. Very happy that flats are back in fashion! I love high heels, but grab my flat shoes all the time! Comfort is a priority for me! :)

  5. I can't believe those shoes for that price! They are perfect perfect! I'm not the biggest Louboutin fan, but those are drool worthy!! I love all of your pics and dream of Valentino at night!

  6. What a score! You'll definitely have to take some pics wearing em! ;)


  7. Oh very jealous about the Louboutins! You know what? I can't wear total flatties like ballet shoes - they hurt my feet, I need a stacked heel with something under my toes. Apparently its something to do with getting older and your soles getting thinner (sorry to be so gruesome) I have some Tory Burch's that I have to hand onto my sister mores the pity! Just bought some gold fancy YSL sandals as the bloke at the shop said they were the most comfortable of all the "going out" shoes. He was right.

  8. Enjoy your CL's!

    I always get blisters on heels irrespective of heel height - nightmare! Elle x

  9. marlene i'm a little jealous you're a 34! small feet would look weird on me but shopping for shoes must be so easy in your size, i'm a 38/9 and everything nice gets sold out pretty quickly. totally with you on the flats..

    steph /

  10. I had a huge grin on my face as I read through this post. It's funny how different women are with shoes (reading through the comments). I love ballet flats and high heeled shoes. I don't own wedges or kitten heels. But I have been thinking about finding some 3.5inch heels, maybe even 3inch ones for everyday...I'm certain I wouldn't do heels on cobble stones - not so much for my safety but my goodness, don't they just ruin your shoes?! xoxox

  11. Lucky you, I wish a friend would outgrow some gorgeous size 40 designer shoes and pass them on to me! I pretty much rejoiced about the trending lower heels, after years of wearing towering pairs have wreaked havoc on my posture and feet. Nothing better than actually being able to run around in your shoes!

  12. Welcome to the dark side. It's a slippery slope! My first heels were clear jellies with a 2" block heel, and I haven't looked back since. Of course I have a stupidly high arch because of them and am constantly paranoid about getting bunions like Victoria Beckham, but they're so beautiful. I spend a lot of time Googling VB's foot issues in hopes that it'll frighten me into wearing flats but no luck so far. They're just too fantastic to give up!

    I can't believe you're a size 34!! You have fairy feet!!

  13. Hello Marlene! Gorgeous shoes in candy colours and sure to brighten up any outfit:)

    I love my flats but there are times the look of heels is more appropriate and gives you that added edge.. count me in in the vertically challenged group! Yesterday, I walked into Zara and got a pair of 3 inch heels for my sister's wedding. Pray that someone will be there to catch me should I trip!

  14. What a great post. I always love to look at those lovely stilettos and how sexy they are when you look to a girl wearing it. However I don't have the guts and confidence in using one. Maybe it's because of my lifestyle too. I really adore moms who can wear this kind while toting their kids!I wish I could able to do that sometime. But for now I'm more comfortable wearing flats and slippers and love that I have a few pairs of heels available when I needed them.:)

    On the contrary, love to have a pair of Loubotins and those studded Valentino (drool) too!This are the times when a girl dream of having stilettos ha ha.I wish I could steal them in better price like you do.

    Have a great week!:)


  15. You always make me chuckle reading your posts. It makes my day! First up congratulations on acquiring such gorgeous new heels and at a disgusting low price! The dream for us all! These will be absolutely perfect for you. After seeing the cobbled streets in the UK I don't know how any woman does anything but flats or a shorter, thicker heel. I low your lower selection of heels at the bottom of the post.. Ooh la laaaaaa... I just got the Valentino Rockstud ones with the low heel. Even I'm converted to being closer to the ground (some days)...

    xx Mandi

  16. wow lucky you!!! I wish there was something that would cure the heel slippage from my Simple pumps. I've tried it all and I think I'm out of luck :(

  17. Do you have any friends that outgrew their Louboutins with size 6 feet? :D

  18. I didn't know that flat shoes were ever out of fashion either :) I've been wearing my Repettos for years and I think my love for them will never fade away.

    Having said that I also love to wear a little heel from time to time. Never too high, obviously, because I like walking. My ideal height is probably around that of Marant's Dicker boots.

    I really like the thick heel of those nude Louboutins. In fact, I think they look a lot more modern in a way than the classic stilettos. Don't know why - maybe it's because it is refreshing to see this type of lady-like, elegant heel again.
    Actually, I've had a similar looking pair of Ferragamos in my mind since I saw them in a shop a couple of months ago... I haven't bought them (yet?) because I'm not sure if they'll work with most of my clothes.

    I'd love to see some pictures of you wearing your Louboutins.

  19. oh goodness, I love my high heels... in moderation. I always wear heels to work (corporate power dressing... emphasis on the power!) but on weekends/after work, I'm always in flats. preferably the ballerina kind, with some sort of sparkle on them! Your new Louboutins are drool worthy, so classic and versatile. And cheap!? cue jealousy...

  20. This subject makes me so angry. How can someone like Louboutin be lauded as a great designer when he makes shoes that are impossible to walk in and are designed only for people with slim, dainty feet? I find it really mysogynistic. Would we give Terence Conran and award if he designed a chair that was so uncomfortable that no one could sit in it? I think not. Grrrrrrrr!

    I have short legs though so I need a bit of a lift. Isabel Marant's pumps are fab because they are wide and have sensible sized stiletto heels and no stupid platform.

  21. Whoohoo.. congrats on the heels ;p



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