Pass It Forward: 3 UK Bloggers

Friday 19 October 2012
The Style Crusader, The Style Slicker and Park and Cube are 3 blogs that are synonymous with each other. You can't mention one without the other. The perfect synthesis of 3 very talented bloggers, photographers and friends. It's like having an afternoon high tea without finger sandwiches, scones and cakes. The horror.

Jen of The Style Crusader


Ahh.... a girl after my own heart. I was a goner when I saw a photo of Jen in an ensemble consisting of a pair of Converse sneakers, a dress and Acne leather jacket on her way to London Fashion Week. Now here's a girl who conforms to her own rules and not others. She's unafraid to speak her mind but with such diplomacy that I believe that our MPs should take notes from.

Kit of The Style Slicker


Kit is a stylist based in London. Her blog's a mish mash of fashion, lifestyle, DIY and travel. Her photos often stopped me dead in my tracks. Utterly breathtaking. Frank, self deprecating and witty would be the words I'd use to describe her posts.

Shini of Park and Cube


Shini's blog has been well documented here in the UK. Here's another blogger whose photography skills are far superior than many professional photographers out there. I still remember her coverage of the Hermes ateliers in Paris. Her blog is a work of art. I rarely say this but check it out and you'll know what I mean.


  1. Love it. Been following Park and Cube for a while now - her photography is incredible.

  2. Thank you Marlene for the mention. Us three stick together like stick insects. x

  3. Love Park and Cube but didn't know about Jen and Kit's blogs so will be checking them out. Love Shini's blog because apart from the gorgeous photography, she has one of my favourite outfits this year that I've seen and I love the humour behind what she writes. I like that she can take the mick out of herself ... and be gorgeous.

  4. Totally loving the tennies with the skirt - she looks so carefree and effortless (and that aqua door!)

  5. I love Jen`s style but you chose some great picks as always! I love discovering new bloggers through this series.

  6. Love Jen have been reading her for years, so glad you reminded me as I don't seem to get her blog up in my google reader anymore! I once met her at fashion week, lovely girl xx

  7. Yes I HEAVILY agree with you on Shini, she's inspired me to get a camera of my own. I love her blog, and her work on is amazing, too!
    - Aliya :)

  8. I just went and browsed through many pages of Jen of The Style Crusader. Wow. I adore her commitment to her comfy sneakers with dresses and skirts etc. They are things I want to try pairing together more often. I'm inspired by her confidence in doing so.

  9. I'm a huge fan of Shini's blog, and wow the photo you picked for Kit is great - off to check them out ;)

    steph /

  10. Thanks so much for sharing Marlene!

  11. I've heard of Park and Cube and completely agree with you about her photography skills. I haven't heard of the other two, off to say hello now. Hope you had a great weekend Marlene xoxox

  12. Excellent line up Marlene! I adore Park and Cube, her blog never feels repetitive as I find some other blogs. I'm not too familiar with the other two so I'm off to check them out now. Hope you had a great weekend friend.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  13. Thanks so much for the mention Marlene! I'm super flattered that you featured me! xx

  14. I'm a fan of all three, though Jen's is the only one I've followed regularly. Still, good stuff, for sure! Thanks too for stopping by and commenting,

  15. Love that you featured these. I follow Park and Cube already, but the other two weren't on my radar. Till now. ;)



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