Petit Bateau Basic Nude Vest

Tuesday 10 January 2012
I've been on the hunt for a plain cotton nude vest to wear under sheer tops. Bear with me while I list out my requirements. 1) inexpensive.  2) made of 100% cotton  3) thin and light material  4)low cut on either side so that it's not visible under tops or dresses. I don't think I'm asking a lot *wink* I've trawled through High St stores but the ones I've seen are uncomfortable or made of inferior quality which I'm pretty sure will fall apart after a few cycles in the washing machine.

Enter my favorite store - Petit Bateau. Lil L's entire wardrobe give or take a few items came from Petit Bateau. Well, including mine for that matter. The quality is incredible for the price you pay. I'd like to add that none of my Petit Bateau clothes nor Lil L's have shrunk in the dryer. I only shop during the sales which makes the clothes even more affordable. This nude vest ticks all the boxes. They're 40% off at the store which brings the price down to £12.

Petit Bateau Nude Vest £20


  1. i always wait sale season!!! they have beautiful and great quality clothes. aside for baby stuff i always make sure to get something for me too luckily they have size for me :)

  2. That's the perfect basic. Love PB!!

  3. That one is great! I have one but it has skinny straps.



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