Iconic Chanel Quilted Reissue 227 Flap

Tuesday 10 January 2012
This stunning iconic Chanel reissue flap just came in from a client. Oh, how I wish I can keep her if I didn't have to replace my dying camera. I think Chanel had another increase in December which takes the price of a brand new Reissue to approximately £3100. Anyone has the exact figure? This gorgeous lady is in near pristine condition without the price tag of a brand new one. Click here to see the listing on my eBay store. Price: £2250 plus shipping.




The price of the pink Hermes ostrich Kelly Dog has been reduced to £599 plus shipping. Click here to see more photos.

ostrich KD2

ostrich KD1


  1. ARGHHH!!!! lust lust lust lust lust!!! lusting after the 227!!!!!!
    ARGHHHH!!!! How to sleep tonight???

  2. Laughing at Heather's comment! I hate that feeling of fashion lust !

  3. Oh I die, the bag is gorgeous! I agree with Heather above, I will be dreaming of this bag tonight!

  4. Heather & Thu, hahahahaha......perhaps try counting Chanel bags rather than sheep?? *evil laugh*

    Tabitha, I feel that fashion lust too. You can imagine how strongly I'm tempted in my line of business. I'm surrounded by these bags everyday!!

  5. I'll take both! HaHa I wish! HaHa Girl, both of those are gorgeous. I love the chain on the Chanel bag. I want you to check out this blog.

    Her name is Peh and she owns everything Chanel. She recently did two topics on the proper care of a Chanel bag. I think you would like her blog and may even want to review past entries. She's not an every day blogger. She posts whenever she can because she's a doctor. I thought of you when reading her recent post. Just some FYI. LOL Hope all is well M.

  6. I think i have told you before that i am in love with this hermes kelly dog cuff but no way i have the money to buy it which is sad but unfortunately true.
    :( :( :(
    as for the chanel one am i the only one not a huge fan of them?
    don't get me wrong i love chanel and coco and karl and all that but its not exactly my cup of tea, this one is a big too lady like for me.
    hmmm i guess you think i am nuts now.
    if you ever have sales, like super sales, let me know ok?
    preferably let me know when you'll have sales like in two months or three months or summer etc.
    to raise some money to buy me a piece.

  7. I am currently on the lookout for Hermes Evelyn (I've decided not to get a crossbody BV) like yours, except in black (or red..or beige) full leather.

    Reckon getting it new from the boutique is out of the question since the boutique here does not has anything (I wonder what they really sell) and may be expensive compared to Europe.

    Thanks for introducing me to the world of Hermes (though my husband may not agree, he still baulk at my recent BV purchase).

  8. Oh goodness a reissue & in grey? This is my dream C bag! Must forward it to dh!

  9. I really wish I could love this Chanel bag but really I just can't and so do not share the rush to it. Sorry but I can't help thinking it is just a rather classic bag, unappealing to me. I would rather have an Hermes bag (I wish I COULD). There are plenty of other bags that are of more interest to me.

  10. Cecilia, trust me....I'm not any husband's favorite person. Many girlfriends' hubbies blame me for their wives' obsession with designer handbags. I can be bribed to keep my mouth shut though - with a handbag.

  11. You know Chanel just doesn't have my heart in general, but this is a beauty! I adore all shades of grey. May she sell quickly!

  12. hello do you still have this bag available?

    1. La Chamelle, I'm sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I'm afraid it sold 48 hours after it was listed on eBay.



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