Comfortable & Chic Wedges

Wednesday 11 January 2012
Clockwise: Prada Leather & Cork wedges £517, Stuart Weitzman Exhale £251.65, Kork-ease Ava $135, Jimmy Choo Polaris Espadrille $385, Jimmy Choo Front Zip caged espadrille $625 and Christian Louboutin Carteron Wedges £520.54

Men are mystified by our obsession for shoes.  We have access to infinite styles in every shape and form unlike the options available to men. Pumps, peep toes, wedges, loafers, flats, sandals and the list goes on. It is futile to resist the temptation.

I've narrowed the list to these 6 which I'm dying to try out. My search for comfortable and chic wedges started 2 years ago. After purchasing a few duds last year, I now realize that
1) I still can't walk in heels higher than 2 inches
2) vertically challenged women should stick to shades closer to their skin color in order to create a leg-lengthening illusion
3) wedges that are too high push the foot forward and cause slippage of the back heel
4) wedges must have proper support with adequate straps.
5) cork is lighter than wood.


  1. Ah these choices are making me wish for summer. I especially love the Prada wedges!

  2. This is a must for me, I can't walk in heels and want a cork heeled neutral wedge no more than 2 inches, that will go with everything, so let me know what you pick and I'll copy!

  3. I'm dying to try the Kork-Ease wedges! They are reasonably priced, too!

  4. Lovely. Especially those Louboutins!

  5. You've chosen one of my choices for next spring and summer! The Kork-ease Ava! In exactly the color I want. Hmmmmm. Great minds and all that. :)

  6. Thanks for bringing out the summer shoes. It warms me up just taking a look at these. I need a wedge for this summer and several of these look mighty nice.

  7. I super love the Jimmy Choo Polaris and Christian Louboutin. Buy them! Buy them! Buy them! HaHaHa

  8. I love the Louboutins best. They'll make your legs a mile long with a summer dress! The Kork-ease are a close second.

  9. Cork wedges are fun shoes and usually quite comfortable . I do balk at £517 !
    Whereas I'd pay tops for Hermes , these sort of sandals all look kind of neutral/ nice but ubiquitous . My mission is to find the same for £60 ! Thus more to spend on something I'll be loving in 10 years time .

  10. I want a pair of nude wedges too! Comfy and elongates the leg. Let us know what pair you get!

  11. Love, love, love wedges ... especially at the right height. For me, that'll be maximum of 9cm (with a bit of platform). I've been lucky to have found really comfortable ones that I can walk in day and night: a nude one (from a high-street store in HK), a black pair from Nine West and espadrille wedges from Castañer.

  12. this is a great list i need some of these my foot isnt 100% from a foot surgery



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