Hermessorize the Casual outfit

Monday 9 January 2012


Outfit: Alexander Wang t-shirt, Uniqlo jeans and ankle boots

In the past, I collected inexpensive costume jewelry like a magpie and most laid languishing in whatever container I happened to shove them into. And then I bought my first Hermes piece - the Lena. My lovely Hermes sales associate in Hong Kong could see the desperation on this new mother's face. She scoured all the Hermes shops in the country to no avail. She persisted and trawled through the warehouse and found one last piece just before the store closed. I cried happy tears and gave her a hug. I know, I know, I was pretty hormonal at the time. She was such a sweetheart. I wished I had remembered her name and sent her a thank you card.


Add a leather jacket, Hermes Lift GM pendant, Hermes belt and Hermes Kelly Dog. I like to tuck a little of the hem into the belt while letting the rest hang haphazardly. It's my way of disguising the bulge while trying to look nonchalantly chic. In other words, I'm trying to channel Kate Moss :)  The sleeves of the leather jacket are pushed up to the elbow to give it a more current look.
Outfit: Alexander Wang t-shirt, Uniqlo jeans, ankle boots, Ted Baker leather jacket, Hermes Lift, Hermes belt and Hermes Kelly Dog.


I've learned to never second guess the weather in the UK. I almost always get it wrong so I'd much rather carry a Hermes shawl for those "just in case" moments.
Outfit: Alexander Wang t-shirt, Uniqlo jeans, ankle boots, Ted Baker leather jacket, Hermes Lift, Hermes belt, Hermes Kelly en Caleche cashmere shawl and Hermes Kelly Dog.

Over the years, I picked up bits and bobs from Hermes and duly discarded those that fell out of favor. While I don't have a huge stash of Hermes jewelry, I like to use what I've got. I like unfussy and comfortable clothes but I try to hermessorize the outfit at every opportunity. By the way, I figured "accessorizing with Hermes jewelry" is such a mouthful and a pain to type out so I decided to coin the term, hermessorize. How do you like it?


  1. I do the half untucked shirt to disguise my belly too :). Hermessorize, love it!

  2. Love your Hermessorizing! Two thumbs up!! :0)

  3. As usual, very chic!!!
    S in NY

  4. I love it. It's such a nice finishing touch to any outfit. I'm a sucker for jewelry and I always enjoy hearing people's stories about it.

  5. I love the look! It's simple, but the accessories make it so special!

  6. Hermessorize... I love it! You accessorize so well. It's always simple yet it draws your attention. The perfect balance. I'm rather poor with jewellery so I look at your style ALL of the time. Crushing over your Hermes items.

    Oh.. and the shirt pulled out. A gal's got to be comfortable right? I'm guilty of it too but as you say, it's fashionable so bonus!

    xx Mandi

  7. I like it VERY MUCH !

    I'm currently trying to fall in love with a H pendant on myself . They look awesome on others , truly beautiful. But I've tried on a couple and I don't like what I see :I can't work out why though . So I'm going to buy one anyway as I need to free up my look . It tends to be too discreet to the point of being boring !
    mbre and

  8. H can take a simple and casual outfit to a new level. I love the Lift pendant, I'm still trying to find the perfect one for me :)

    tell me your thoughts on the Alex W t shirt, is the quality good? Did you go for a size larger? I seem very attracted to this t shirt, maybe it is your photography?

  9. This is lovely, great use of colour. Thanks for posting: I have almost the same pendant but now know what it's called!

  10. Chloe, thank you! It's all about hiding the flaws ;P

    Julide, S inNY & Skippysays, thank you!

    Lindsay, I love pawing through my small collection just reminiscing how I acquired each one.

    Michelle, Ah yes the CdC. That's the next item on my list.

    Mandi, you're good for my ego. You know how I am with comfort.......and hiding the bulges.

    Estrella, I'm crazy about Hermes horn pieces but I'm quite selective over what I choose. I've decided that big pendants need to be bold and bright. I've had a lot of people commenting on the pendant but not knowing it's Hermes.

    Lily, so far so good. I think I can probably comment more objectively after a month. It's very loose so don't size up. I bought one in small. It's one of the most flattering t-shirt I've ever bought so now I know why these fashionable ladies go crazy over Alexander Wang t-shirts. The scooped neckline, longer sleeves and tunic length are exactly what I'm looking for in a t-shirt.

  11. I-Ping, Hermes has so many Horn designs that even I can't keep track of their names so you're not alone :)

  12. I love the Kelly Dog I think it's so much more chic than the CDC, want one!

  13. aww cool tittle!!! i love hermessorize!!!! this is great simple outfit i'm sure very comfortable as well :)
    happy monday dear! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  14. Ding ding ding - we have a winner! You know I'd wear every last piece and I already have the jacket :)

  15. Love your second getup!!! *wolf whistle*

  16. Love it. Thanks for the reminder not to buy crap anymore - I'm definitely going to be better about that this year! Btw, thanks so much for the lovely comments on my're too kind! xx

  17. I like this outfit a lot! if i ever got myself an hermes piece of jewellery it would be one of their so unique bracelet-watches, watches in shapes of bracelts in gold or silver.
    by the way since i fell in love with the leather jacket (i have a crazy thing for them) where is the ted baker jacket from?
    i mean assuming that it's yours where did you get it from? i have no idea where i can find ted baker pieces...if you know any good websites please inform me.

  18. Girl, you do not have a bulge getting into these outfits! hahahaha I am loving that leather jacket! :D You purchased and ran? No thank you! LOL I'm taking your Hermes card for that one M! LOL

  19. Tabitha, I actually got rid of my CdC when Lil L was much younger then. It was practical wearing it with pointy studs while carrying a toddler.

    Prettymeggy, thank you! Glad you like my new word :)

    Lauraloo aka shopping sistah, if it weren't for you, I would've never chose to color. I've worn it to death. You're definitely my inspiration.

    chicology, aww....thank you!

    ACC, it's all too easy to buy tons of interior quality and ill fitting clothes in Europe. They're cheap and on sale most of the time. Eeeeks. When I think back how much money I frittered away....

    Marianne, I love Hermes watches! They're cool and despite being contemporary looking, they're classics. I adore leather jackets. This one's from 4-5 seasons ago which I purchased on eBay for 1/4 of the retail price. I can't remember what it's called. You can buy Ted Baker leather jackets on or They ship within the EU.

    Kim, have NOT seen my tummy or else you wouldn't have said that.

  20. Hi Marlene! As always, fantastic outfit composites. "Hermessorize". Love it! Adding a piece of H to anything automatically elevates the whole outfit. The colors in the Kelly en Caleche shawl are just gorgeous - esp with that grey jacket. Is it a baby blue or a turquoise blue background? I think you just inspired me.......

  21. Hi Maria!! It's baby blue which suits my skin tone really well. I'm still very much a grey/black/navy gal but it's nice to add a splash of color every now and then.



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