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Thursday 20 October 2011
Perhaps I'm still in a honeymoon phase as a friend's husband called it but you'll have to forgive this emigrant from a "new" country for gawking at the amazing buildings, some of which had been there before the birth of Jesus. A huge thank you to a client who pointed it out to me, I had no idea that there's the remains of an old palace an easy 5 minute stroll from my place. It was built by no less than Sir Christopher Wren for King Charles II who was also the architect behind St Paul's Cathedral and Hamptons Court. It has been completely renovated in the late 1980s and converted into military museums and stately townhouses. All that's left of the original feature is the structure and imposing pillars. Apparently, it was modeled after Versailles Palace but they ran out of money and the project was abandoned soon after.



While waiting for a friend, I looked up and saw workmen climbing up the spire of a medieval church. One was hauling another ladder up which I thought was incredibly brave of him. I don't know about you but I felt dizzy and sick to the stomach just looking at them.


I was thrilled to catch up with a good friend of mine who has decided to abandon the warm and sunny beaches of California to live in the UK. What better way to assimilate into the English culture than to eat at a pub. I've never stepped foot in one until very recently. Pubs are practically an English institution particularly on Friday nights when many would stumble out of their respective workplaces and gather for a drink, standing outside amidst cigarette smoke and freezing cold weather. Now, this little pub is different. First of all, the interior is so eclectic and eye catching. It's more of a cafe with old cinema chairs and vintage collectibles placed strategically but the total effect is warm and cosy. The food is outstanding. I can't fault my medium rare steak sandwiched between ciabatta slices with caramelized onions, dijon mustard and delicious salad.







  1. I've just been pouring over your blog, I really love our style and the way you put things together, you have a great eye.

  2. You live in a fairy land - lovely! And what a yummy lunch!

  3. how amazing! both the buildings and the food!

  4. Hi, I'm so curious about your medieval village. I feel like it would be a great family vacation (and only a train ride away to shopping in London)?

  5. Ok, where are we going? LOL Just playing with you and your post title. That palace is beyond gorgeous. Very interesting as to what they converted it into. I became dizzy myself, while looking at the guy holding the ladder! Do you guys have OSHA over there? Occupational Safety and Health Administration...workplace hazard indeed! Any fall protection? Oh let me stop. My degree is in Environmental Policy and so we look for those things. What an adorable pub! Smoke-filled it is NOT! I love it and the food looks yummy delicious. As always thanks for sharing and take me for a walk again. I love this! :D

  6. bourbon & pearls, welcome! Thank you for the lovely compliment. You've just made my day.

    lauraloo, you'll have to come and visit me.

    amy, thank you!

    Sharon, we're just a short train ride away from London. In fact, we get a lot of tourists here. Come by and let's catch up.

    Kim, LOL!! I doubt they have anything to break the fall. I only looked long enough to take the photo because seriously, I was freaking out.

  7. Wow! I bet it's fun to live somewhere with such great architecture and history!



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