Winter staple: 4 Ways to wear a Sweater Dress

Monday 24 October 2011
Sweater dresses are a staple in my winter wardrobe. You can dress them up or down. They're easy to put on, require very little maintenance, comfortable and keep you warm in the colder months. I've got about 8 in my closet which I'd acquired during the sales though Uniqlo makes fabulous ones in merino wool for less than £20. Mine are rather inexpensive from Uniqlo, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Zadig et Voltaire and Ekyog, all purchased for less than £60. Personally, I tend to go for natural fibers such as merino wool or cotton because they last longer and cost just as much as acrylic. With the ongoing recession, it makes sense to buy versatile pieces that work with the rest of the wardrobe to create multiple looks.

Here's my trusted old and well used sweater dress from Comptoir des Cotonniers that I picked up from their sale for a son.g You'll notice that 1) it's dark. I'm accident prone so any light colored clothes just scream to be stained in a nanosecond.  2) it nips in slightly at the waist which helps as I have a tendency towards an apple figure particularly when I'm in a good mood. When I'm happy, I EAT. So I guess that the only way for me to stay slim is to be constantly stressed and unhappy.  3) it's not too short. I don't mind showing my legs as they're the one place that does not become *ahem* well padded when I'm in a happy mood BUT I'd rather not flash my knickers to the world when I bend down to pick something.   4) fitted but not tight. Empire line dresses make me look like I'm pregnant. Bleh. I can't pull off super tight dresses (if you've got the body for it, I say flaunt it!) unless I wear spanx underneath. However, it has a tendency to cut off any circulation to my upper body. That can be a problem because I *gasp* talk *gasp* like *gasp *this*.

You'll notice my ever present Wolford tights. I figure it'll work out far cheaper in the long run if I buy a few good pairs of woolen tights. The ones by Tabio, Wolford and Falke seem to last forever unlike the cheaper ones that fall apart after a few wears or are so uncomfortable that I felt like I've got a few cactus plants stuck on my legs.


Comptoir des Cotonniers sweater dress


Outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers sweater dress, Zara Kids faux fur gilet, Hermes belt, Stuart Weitzman boots,   Wolford tights and Hermes Feu Kelly Dog bracelet (for sale, available here)

Smart Casual 

Outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers sweater dress, Hermes cashmere Kelly en Caleche shawl, Ted Baker leather jacket, Wolford tights, Stuart Weitzman boots, Hermes Mini Constance 18cm (for sale, available here)


Outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers sweater dress, Isabel Marant Fred Jacket, Wolford tights and Salvatore Ferragamo pumps.


Outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers sweater dress, Hermes belt, Wolford tights and Salvatore Ferragamo pumps.


  1. Hi, first of all, i just want to say thank you so much for your kind words on my last post. That really made me smile :) And, you are always such a source of inspiration, and this post does not disappoint. I was just telling myself this weekend that I needed a sweater dress so that I'm not stuck in pants all winter. I've heard many good thing about comptoir des cottoniers and this dress looks super comfy and stylish. I actually can't even pick a favorite look, i love them all (although, that Hermes bracelet is so drool-worthy). And, when we are brave enough to do international travel with the kids i'll contact you about your town ;)

  2. I love how you styled this dress and created very different looks! I am a single woman who works during the day, so I have waaaaay less responsibilities than you do! I devote my time to blog, work, eat, sleep :)

  3. wow i loveeee the Ted Baker leather jacket!! love how you styled the dress so many ways.

  4. Love all the ways you worked this dress - especially the first picture with the little fur vest! So chic :)

  5. I love the way you put things together, I'm just not that creative with clothes. Oh I'm the dreaded apple shape too,it's impossible for me to have a flat stomach. I've finally given up trying.

  6. Yay - I spy my Ted Baker twin! Love the way you put things together and I ReALLY love a great chameleon piece like your dress.

  7. all of these looks are great!

  8. Sharon, I'm very touched by your comment. You're welcome. I hope you gave yourself plenty of pats on the back for such an amazing achievement. Yes, do email me when you get the opportunity to visit the UK. Let's catch up then.

    Bessie, LOL! I used to wonder why many mothers walked around looking so tired all the time. Now I know.

    Tara, thank you for taking the time to visit. Glad you like the outfits.

    ShinyPrettyThings, you're a sweetheart. The Ted Baker jacket was an eBay purchase. I was lucky to nab it for 1/4 of the retail price.

    Katherine, thank you! I'm so jealous that you still get the wear shorts. Meanwhile, I look like a fur kid.

    bourbon & pearls, LOL. I'm not all that creative. I'm glad you think I am. Thank you for saying so. This is merely an exercise to force myself to create more ensembles from my meagre wardrobe. As for your figure!!! My goodness, I would LOVE to swap bodies with you!

    Lauraloo, so glad I listened to you girl. The anthracite Ted Baker gets a lot of compliment. I constantly get asked how ££££ I paid. It looks expensive but in reality, very affordable.

    amy, thank you! Much appreciated.

  9. Love your post! I love sweater dresses & have just a few but I've never thought of wearing them for the evening. Great ideas! Ps somehow I can't comment on your posts when I read them using my laptop...

  10. Love this post. The sweater dress is amazingly so versatile. *off to search for a sweater dress*

  11. Love the 4 ways, especially with the fur gilet!! And I really like your sweater dress - mine are bulkier!! Must keep that in mind for next time!



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