1 Isabel Marant Fred Jacket - 4 Looks

Wednesday 19 October 2011
Before I delve into today's post, I want to say a HUGE thank you to 3 AWESOME gals. My apologies if my "speech" is reminiscent of Gwyneth Paltrow's at the Oscars.

Kim of Sassy Uptown Chic for bestowing the Sweet Award to me alongside some of my favorite bloggers. In fact, I should be the one doing the honors because this lady has such a BIG heart. Her kindness and thoughtful nature truly shines through every comment she has ever made here.

If I could reach out of my MacBook to hug my pal lauraloo, I would. I met her on an eBay discussion forum 10 years ago and we still keep in touch to this day. She helped direct a long lost friend of ours to my blog, the one whom I'd been searching for many years.

I have to thank Lindsay of A Walk in the Closet  for her suggestion to create 4 looks for different occasions. Thank you, Lindsay!

The temperature has been dropping rapidly every week. Yup, winter's coming whether I like it or not. Speaking of winter, I was enthralled by the idea of having a white Christmas, mulled wine, snowman, minced pie, turkey etc etc. By the time my 3rd winter came around, the novelty soon wore off and we escaped back to New Zealand to have a HOT Christmas in shorts and t-shirt. Bliss. I was spoiled rotten by my family and friends. To cut a long story short, I was fed like a goose plumped up for foie gras except that my livers are still intact.

The only reason I'm looking forward to the cold weather this time is because I get to wear my new Isabel Marant jackets. Who knew I could this shallow and vain? *ahem* Anyhoo, here are the 4 looks I'd created from my closet. I had trouble with work clothes seeing that I left pretty much all of them back in New Zealand. I know I sound like an advertisement for Isabel Marant but I'm amazed at how versatile the "Fred" jacket is. It can look rather corporate-y and rocker chic depending on what you pair it with. Most importantly, it's super duper warm!

School Run


Outfit: Isabel Marant Fred jacket, Uniqlo v neck merino wool sweater, Uniqlo skinny cargo pants, Louis Vuitton leopard shawl, Repetto ballet flats and Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet (for sale, available here)

Smart Casual


Outfit: Isabel Marant Fred jacket, Equipment silk shirt, Hermes belt, Uniqlo +J jeans, Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet, ankle boots and Balenciaga First bag (for sale, available here)



Outfit: Isabel Marant Fred jacket, Karen Walker dress, Salvatore Ferragamo heels and vintage Hermes Kelly 32cm sellier (for sale, available here)



Isabel Marant Fred jacket, Comptoir des Cotonniers dress, Zara leopard print belt, Salvatore Ferragamo heels and Celine Box medium bag (for sale, available here)


  1. The 4 looks are perfect !! Really great post !!
    1 jacket = 4 different possibilities !! ;)
    If you wanna see some Moroccan kaftans (personal design), take a look at my last post and feel free to comment !!!
    Right here:

  2. Ginger's right--great post. And you know me--I love it when someone showcases as versatile IM's jackets are. Before your posts about it, the Fred jacket wasn't on my radar; now it certainly is. My wardrobe thanks you!

    Now, to check out these other blogs . . .

  3. Ahh! Fabulous, fabulous post...and why are you letting go of that BB Kelly? Would be all over it if it were a 28!

  4. Okay, this is definitely one of my favorite posts- you have definitely proven that this jacket is versatile (not that i ever doubted it). I love the school run look, with the lv jacket, hermes bracelet and IM jacket you'll look even more chic then Claudia Schiffer!

  5. Mwah - hugs right back to you, friend! So glad you connected with our girl,
    M!!!! :)
    Let me be shallow and vain right along with you with this jacket!! I'm furiously trying to hunt it down here. So fabulous!

  6. Hey Marlene! Ohhh, thank you! You're a super sweety too! ((HUG)) When you can make several outfits, that's when you know you have a SPECTACULAR GARMENT!!! These are all excellent looks. Give me 3 years to drop some weight and then you can pass that lovely jacket to me. HAHAHAHA ((HUG))

  7. wow i love all the looks!!!! that jacket is a winner!!

  8. this post is very inspirational, 1 jacket 4 uses is what we girls need to know to better use our wardrobe.
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  9. Awesome post, I like how you showed the versatility of this amazing jacket. If I had to choose from these 4 fab looks, I'll go with the 'Work' outfit, the red just pops.

  10. LOVE teh LV leopard scarf and all the Hermes. Great job of showing how versatile this jacket can be!

    Also, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog... you're the first person to ever compliment me on my makeup! I usually think I'm bad at it.

  11. You've done it again! LOVING all 4 looks with that IM jacket!! See, you are definitely going to get your cost-per-wear out of that jacket!! I like your "shallow and vain" stylish self!!

    And really love the way you paired the dicker LA boots with the smart casual look!

  12. Oh my goodness, the blue Balenciaga is beautiful!

  13. Aw, thanks for the shout out! :)

    Can I be demanding and request that you do this more?? I LOVE the outfits that you've put together. Each one is so wearable yet unique from the next and clearly suited to different environments. Thanks for putting these together - I enjoyed both your outfits and as always, your beautiful photography!

    PS: I am so charmed by the Karen Walker dress and it's another one of those pieces that I see working with so many things. I won't get tired of seeing it repeated in your blog! :)

  14. Lamia, thank you!

    AA, Fred jacket looks very unassuming until you put it on and realize that it's incredibly versatile.

    Katherine, thank you! Glad you like the post. The Kelly actually belongs to my client.

    Sharon, LOL. I don't think I'm more chic than a supermodel but you're good for my ego :P

    Lauraloo, (Hugs) You've made my day just connecting our old friends together again. I hope you find the jacket. You won't regret buying it.

    Kim, you're beautiful the way you are! Since I paid big bucks for it (thankfully, nowhere near as expensive as a Chanel jacket), I intend to wear it to death.

    ShinyPrettyThings, thank you! So sweet of you to say that.

    The Dolls Factory, you're a sweetheart. I'm glad you find the post inspirational.

    Sam, the red dress is definitely my favorite too. LOL. I'm pretty thrilled with the jacket.

    Mary Lane, I must've stared at your make up for 5 minutes. It's so beautifully done.

    Susan, the Balenciaga is stunning indeed.

    Lindsay, my pleasure. I'm so glad you like this post. ((hugs)). I certainly will do more of these. My rule is I'll only photograph what's in my wardrobe. It can be a bit restrictive at times because I can just imagine how much better the outfit will look if I have a, b and c. However, I want to show one doesn't need a large wardrobe to create multiple looks. Thank you so much for your ideas and encouraging words. Really means a lot to me.

  15. These are all gorgeous looks created with 1 jacket! I love Isabel Marant...would love to own something..anything from her one day!

  16. Those are all great looks!

    Whenever I'm wearing something, they sadly always end up looking very similar. lol You need to rub off on me more, haha.


  17. Love all the 4 looks, especially #1 and #3!

    Congrats on your new purchases! Love the jacket and the Equipment shirt!

  18. Awesome looks, the Karen Walker dress is amazing! I envy the IM jackets sooo much :P

  19. Bessie, I love Isabel Marant clothes because she tends to make them for smaller framed people. Her jackets in particular fits beautifully and I don't even have to do any alterations. so much cheaper than Chanel too.

    Dana, I bet you look wonderful the way you do now. I sometimes do these pairings to give me a reason not to get stuck in a rut when I'm getting dressed.

    Many thanks, Mona! Glad you like them.

    Lily, with your figure, you'll look spectacular in the dress and any IM jackets!



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