Spring Jackets

Thursday 26 May 2011
I've always been a fan of jackets. It's easy to appear effortless stylish with minimum effort. Throw it over a simple t-shirt or a nice blouse or tie a scarf, it really doesn't matter as long as your jacket is well-tailored.

My first entry into the world of jackets was when my mother called up one day and told me that she'd found a good tailor in Borneo and would I like one made. Heck, yeah! I spent the next few days in a daze trying to get the right measurement, picking the color and fabric and even obsessed about that single button on the blazer. I remembered it being a gold button because back in those days, I wasn't as fixated on silver as I am now. I was barely 19 but I'd turned up to the university in my well worn turtleneck top, jeans and my one and only jacket. I kept it for almost a decade before finally replacing it with a pinstriped jacket from Mango, a last minute mad dash into the shop as I was leaving Iraklio in Crete. Years later, a fashionable New Yorker friend of mine, S who not only is light years younger than I but a thousand times more chic suggested I should give Theory ago, I was sold on the brand. It's wonderful to have friends in the US because they inadvertently become my shopper and shipper.

I wasn't an adventurous shopper. I still am not for that matter. I tend to be loyal to brands that churn out clothes that fit me well again and again. I'm far too lazy to dive into the confusing kaleidoscopic world of fashion that metamorphose faster than the crazy UK weather. Now that we're on the topic of unpredictable weather, it's neither hot nor chilly, it's a little in between. After being swathed in mountains of winter clothing and looking like the Michelin man for most part of the year, I'd prefer to go for a simple and plain jacket and add on my favorite accessories, costume jewelry and scarves.

Picture 5
(clockwise) Barbour Ladies Sarah Quilted Jacket £129, Isabel Marant Gable Knitted Boucle jacket £255, Isabel Marant Charley Linen Jacket £260 and Isabel Marant Linen Blend Boucle Jacket £505


  1. Hi and thanks for the shout-out! Loved reading about your travels!!!
    S in NY

  2. I love the blue boucle jacket, but it is so sought after it is impossible to find.
    I wear 3 jackets in Spring a) my CK navy blue blazer I have since 1999 (!), b)a military green linen jacket from Zara, c) a white rainproof international jacket.

  3. S, you're so welcome! Hope our schedules mesh next time so we can catch up again. I'm ready for my next adventure :P

    Lily, I can totally understand why the blue boucle jacket is so in demand. The cut is incredible and tons cheaper than a Chanel. I love that you've been wearing a jacket since 1999. The cost per wear must be down to pennies by now!



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