Plaid for Spring

Wednesday 25 May 2011
Now that my obsession with stripes has abated a tad, I've decided to branch out to plaids, checks or whatever they call it these days. We'd escaped the UK to Greece and Turkey to get a bit more sun only to find the temperature plummeted while we were there. It was back to looking like Michelin man for a while. I'd brought a couple of pair of shorts and dresses which were a waste of luggage space. The weather is still rather chilly but I'm dying to wear my summer dresses. I lasted 2 hours in this ensemble but fingers crossed, the warm weather will return soon.


Outfit: Great Plains dress, Gap cardigan, Just In Case belt, Chanel sunglasses and K Jacques Picon sandals


  1. So cute! Hoping for some sunshine soon for you!

  2. Very cool and laidback look!

  3. lauraloo, fingers crossed I don't need to start stockpiling Vitamin D which I may very well have to do if the darn sun doesn't appear soon.

    Thanks, DA!



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