Travel: Sirince

Tuesday 24 May 2011
Sirince was originally a Greek settlement before the population exchange between the two cultures transpired in 1923. Very little traces of the original heritage remained these days. It's a picturesque village nestled in the mountains. It's certainly a very popular destination judging by the numerous shops that lined the main streets catering to tourists and the busy thoroughfare packed with buses. It's a short drive from Selcuk but a car is a must if you choose to use Sirince as a base.

This was the last leg of our trip before heading back to Izmir to fly back to London.

sirince - market

Notice the original version of floral harem pants. They bear little resemblance to the Uniqlo harem pants I was wearing at the time!

sirince - yarning

Elderly women sitting under the shelter of their shack styled shop knitting and selling their needlework.



sirince - flower wreath

mary fountain

sirince - flowers


  1. WalrusWithTheSaggyStomach25 May 2011 at 08:50 should be a professional photographer!! You should take Scott with you to Turkey next time - he wants to go to Anatolia to see the head statues in Mount Nemrut. *Roll eyes* I mean, they're just statues of heads!!

  2. WalruswithNOstomach, hey! What's wrong with the head statues in Mt Nemrut?? LOL. I'd love to explore Turkey a little bit more. QY wanted to see every ruin and museum in Turkey!! I just wanted to explore the town and get the feel of the place.



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