Comfortable Heels Under £75

Monday 30 May 2011
I'm still on a look-out for comfortable heels now that I've emptied my closet of any shoes that pinched. I've always maintained a staunch stance that I do not have to suffer for the sake of beauty. Hmm.... I might've broken this rule yesterday since I nearly killed myself during a session of pilates in order to get rid of my batwing arms . I have nothing but admiration for women who can run in their heels. Heck, I will bow to those who can shop in heels. I've decided that the only way that I can comfortably wear any heels would be if they come with a platform attached.

Furthermore, if you've been cursed...... I mean blessed with minuscule feet like mine, selections can be painfully paltry unless you don't mind shopping at the children's section. The best thing about buying kids' shoes is the price. It's always a fraction of the adults'. The bad news is if you're allergic to pink and glitters ..... well then, good luck. Thankfully, these days, most clothing companies are trying to dress our kids like their moms which isn't necessarily a good thing (read: t-shirts with graffiti/skull like designs, ultra mini skirts) but the flip side is I can find a pair of leopard print ballet flats in my size.

Topshop Panama Espadrille Wedges £70

Swedish Hasbeens for H&M £39.99

Swedish Clogs £52.50
These are identical to Swedish Hasbeens but at 1/3 of the price.


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