Authenticating a Louis Vuitton Vernis BREA

Thursday 10 February 2011
I was contacted by an eBayer a few weeks ago to assist in authenticating a Louis Vuitton bag. It's always very disheartening to hear stories of those who were cheated of hundreds of dollars and in some instances, thousands of their hard earned money.

The common theme that these con artists tend to sprout is that it was a gift. 9 times out of 10, you can be sure that the bag in question IS a fake. There are many fakes which are so good that unless you literally turn the bag inside out, it's easy to miss the fine details and finishing.

The natural cowhide leather trim is too pale with bigger font. The red resin wax is unevenly coated.

The tell-tale sign with the darker than usual LV label with a plastic string complete with a price sticker!

A genuine LV dust bag is very discreet with non of the writings shown above. The Vernis (varnish) looks plasticky and the bag looks almost caved in.

 You'll NEVER find logos on the interior lining. Lining's usually made of man-made suede, fabric and crossgrain but the limited edition or special orders are a little more luxurious.

 Huge font with uneven resin and irregular leather tab.


  1. I think anyone who buys an obviously fake bag expecting it to be authentic is completely naive. If you want a designer bag, first check out the bags in the boutique and understand the price and look of the bag. Otherwise, it's really hard to feel sympathy for the buyer. Sigh....

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to point this out. I doubt I'll ever buy via ebay, but it sure helps to know all the facts! ;-) greetings, Macs (

  3. My pleasure, Macs. I sell designer bags and scarves on consignment through eBay myself. I think it's important for buyers to be more informed and purchase from sellers with stellar reputation. I too learned my lesson the hard way.

  4. Thank you for posting this info, I too is a victim of online selling 2x already the price is too good to be true, but I grab it, it was LV favorite for 2k.and Neverfull for 3k. all in mono design, btw I'm from Philippines... Does all Lv Favorite Bag has rivets on the back?



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