These boots are made for walking

Friday 11 February 2011
I'm sure I was thrown an odd look here and there when I was caught staring at women's ankles. Just in case you think I've been inflicted with a strange perversion, it can't be further from the truth. I'm doing a research. Yes, I'm trying to figure out what my first pair of ankle boots should look like. As always, my first thought is comfort. If my feet feel like they've split in two, the shoes have to go. I'm not suffering in the name of beauty. This means that only mid thick-ish heels will do. I walk everywhere so they'll have to take daily pounding on cobbled streets well.  Now that I've gotten myself a biker leather jacket, I'm trying to channel the boho rocker chic look. Just kidding. Deuxarmoires suggested I look at Roberto del Carlo so that's next on my list. So, please feel free to give me your suggestions if you have any.


Photo credit: Isabel Marant Dicker Boots 500€


Photo credit: Topshop Antique Pull On Western Boots £70


  1. I can't get over those Dicker boots!

  2. You lucky thing! You'll get the chance to try them on when you're in Paris. As for me....Topshop will have to do for now.

  3. I like the Topshop ones! Are the heels higher?

  4. nope! They're actually quite low. It feels like there's a little padding under the insoles. I was surprised to find out how comfortable they are during a short "test drive".

  5. I like them both, but I can't appreciate the Isabel Marant £430 more than Topshop.

  6. Chin, I haven't seen the famous Isabel Marant dicker boots in person but the retail price is pretty incredible. Surprisingly, despite my well known hatred for all Topshop things, the boots are very well made.



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