Kuala Lumpur

Saturday 4 December 2010
By the time I got to Kuala Lumpur, I've completely lost my voice. I think I've scared a few poor individuals who were serving me behind the counter when I tried to talk. We're only stopping over for 2 nights and my plan was to catch up with my friends. One of the things I have to do whenever I get to Malaysia is to try out the hawker stalls. It doesn't matter if they hose down the dishes instead of washing them. Or, trying to NOT melt into a puddle of sweat under the sweltering heat whilst shoving down the local delights.

Adele took me to a popular kolok mee stall run by a Foochow family. It wasn't until we left that we realised we were given a hefty discount, all because I'm a fellow Foochow. Not that I'm complaining ;P
I have absolutely no idea where this place is as I'm not familiar with KL but this has got to be THE best kolok me I've ever eaten in my life. It didn't matter that I must've drank a litre of water due to the msg.

kolok mee
Kolok Mee

kolok mee stall
These guys work FAST. They churned out plates after plates without stopping for a break.

kolok mee stall2
The atmosphere surrounding the hawker centre only adds to the charm and authenticity of the local cuisine.

bak kua
The locals call it Bak Kua or otherwise barbecued meat. The sweet honeyed taste coupled with the charred barbecue flavor is what makes it so delicious. At RM26 per kilo, it's not cheap but boy oh boy, they taste sooooo good.

junk food
I grew up eating these junk food. My favorite's the Twisties in chicken flavour. Eating it brought back memories of my growing years in Borneo.

Just when I thought I was stuffed beyond words and couldn't possibly eat another meal, Adele and her husband brought me to a nearby Chinese restaurant. It came with tanks of live amphibians (!!), crustacean and fresh water fish. The latter two didn't bother me as much as the first.

None of us was brave enough to order a dish of frogs. These were big and very well fed!

The minute I raised my cameras, there 3 fishies swam over to check me out!

From this.............

cooked crabs
to this............. This was voted the best out of all the dishes Albert ordered.

cooked fish

I gave up photographing because I could barely move. I seriously need to go on a diet after this.


  1. wow! i miss malaysian chinese food soooo much. lucky you. :) enjoy ur holiday!

  2. Thanks, Heather! I know what you mean. I have a list of things I MUST eat.



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