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Friday 3 December 2010
I've been MIA from blogshere lately as I'm heading back to New Zealand for a long awaited break. Whew! It's a welcoming change from the freezing temperature back in the UK where everything grinds to a halt due to snow. I decided to stop over in Kuala Lumpur to catch up with my old mates from school and gorge on Malaysian cuisine which I've been deprived of for a while.

It's wonderful to see old friends whom I've known since I was 7, remained as wacky as ever despite being a few pounds heavier (with the exception of a few who are still model thin *£&*$(@!!) and reminiscing about our antics that drove the poor teachers up the wall. I guess it must be karma since OUR kids drive us cuckoo these days.

Adele was given the task to organise our reunion dinner. Our meeting place was Alexis at The Gardens, a mid to high end mall. I can't believe the cost of living in KL these days. Unless one earns a 6 figure salary, I can't imagine forking out RM12 for a cup of tea! I remember the days when I paid RM1 for teh tarik. I zeroed in one item on the menu - Sarawak laksa. It wasn't the most authentic I've had but nonetheless, it was tasty.

alexis menu
Our bill which included one dish per person totaled RM 270 (approximately £55) is exorbitant if you consider the average salary in KL is around RM 30K.

pantone chairs

Hubby would've been impressed by the replica Panton chairs.

alexis nasi dagang
Adele had the Nasi Dagang, a Malay dish but she didn't think it was very authentic.

alexis meringue
This was listed as Vanilla Meringue although I secretly thought it resembled a pavlova

alexis mantou
Roast duck mantou (bun). The meat was too salty for my liking.

alexis Rod
I managed to catch up with Rodziah when she came over to the UK last month. She raced through two wedding receptions on the day just so that she could turn up to our reunion!

The best part of our dinner was the company. I am blessed with wonderful friends who can pick up where we left off despite having no contact for years. More later as we're off to catch yet another flight.


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