Black & White and Sepia Photography

Thursday 14 October 2010
We've been on the move so much that I hardly frame any of my photos. The thought of packing and lugging around heavy and fragile photo frames hold little appeal.  I've been contented with having a digital photo library for a couple of years now. Hubster mentioned wouldn't it be nice to have a few black and white prints on our bare wall. I figured why pay for someone else's prints if I can take the photos myself.

I've chosen a few favorites from the numerous photos in my collection. I dragged a girlfriend to Ikea to pick up a few essentials and Ribba photo frames.

Here's a photo I took of Mr Z on my last visit to Crete. Photos were edited using Photoshop Elements 6. The original photo looked like this:

Mr Z copy

1. Dark and underexposed.

Mr Z1
2. Fill in light. Still looking rather blah and not enough contrast.

Mr Z2
3. Convert to black and white. A sweep of the dodge brush to lighten up the face.

 Mr Z3 copy
4. I used the pioneerwoman "fresh color" command for more contrast. Next up - unsharp mask to sharpen the photo. I cropped the photo to emphasize the figure more. Voila - my own b&w photo.

Mr Z4copy
5. On the other hand, let's try the pioneerwoman "colorized" command for a more vintage look.

What do you think? The black & white or the sepia version?


  1. My pick is for the B&W.

  2. beautiful photos! -S

  3. My fave is the last one, so charming... Great shot!

  4. Hey girl, I actually think no.3 cos they get too harsh after that. Just to be different!

  5. LOL, Pynylopy. I cringed when I saw photo 3 thinking it was rather blah....



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