Vintage Hermes auction at Artcurial

Saturday 16 October 2010
Artcurial, an auction house based in Paris holds two Hermes auctions a year. I've just received their latest catalogue for the upcoming auction on 9 November at 14:30. I've only ever purchased two beautiful vintage belts more than a year ago at a great price. In the excitement of bidding, I'd forgotten to inquire about the size. Hence, the only 3 ways I could physically wear the belts are 1) wear a corset to get a 24 inch waist   2) go on a diet and lose 10 pounds  3) hold my breath for the entire time I'm wearing the belt.

I'd read horror stories where the items purchased unseen were of far worse condition. So far, I was rather pleased with my first and only experience with them despite overlooking one important fact. Here are some photos from their latest catalogue.


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