Winter essentials

Tuesday 12 October 2010
We're seeing the last vestiges of summer which means out comes the woolen sweaters and thick coats. I tend to go back to Uniqlo again and again for basic and affordable essentials. Since I'm still on a quest to avoid a completely neutral wardrobe, by which I mean, only greys and blacks, I decided on a violet merino/cashmere mix sweater from Uniqlo. It was so soft despite the fact that it has only 10% of cashmere. Fabulous quality!

Uniqlo Merino Cashmere V neck long cardigan £19.99 

Uniqlo Super Lightweight Tunic £24.99
(I know what I'd said about greys and blacks but there are little options other than these standard colors. Designers, do we all have to look dark and gloomy in winter??)

Uniqlo Super Lightweight Hooded Cable Cardigan £29.99

I've always pooh-poohed the idea of wearing a Barbour jacket. I thought they are too stuffy, traditional, old fashioned and boring. Steve went out and bought two but I was still unconvinced until I got drenched on numerous occasions. He has been pestering me to get one. I got so sick and tired of being wet that the thought of wearing a Barbour waterproof coat is starting to sound appealing. My requirements for my new winter coat are 1) waterproof   2) comes with a hood   3) long enough to cover my derriere. I've narrowed down to a few tick all the boxes.

 Barbour Cameron jacket £149 from


  1. get the one from country attire. it's anything but stuffy, traditional, old fashioned and boring! :)

  2. By style, I agree totally the country attire is the choice. But from my many wet & rainy windy school run experiences, the fur along the hood is truly valuable because it covered not only my head, but my face AND my glasses! Mine from Zara has a detachable fur so I know. Nonetheless, I'm not a big fan of padded coat ...and you may have a smaller head than me'! 

  3. Absolutely, I think the Cameron jacket is the pick of the bunch. The other two look like they will overwhelm your frame. The fur hood may look nice, but it will actually limit the usability of the jacket. I wish I didn't get a leather jacket with a wool lined collar now, - it looks way too wintery for the in-between months.

  4. Thank you, Alysha, Viv and Chin. I think you've just confirmed my decision. I think the Cameron is the least boring looking jacket compared to the other two. I never thought I'll say this but Barbour jacket, here I come.

  5. Fabulous picks. I especially like the V neck long cardigan, so bad that we don't have uniqlo here. :(

  6. q9y8, for the price I'd paid, the quality is remarkable. For some bizarre reason, I don't like the feel of 100% cashmere but the merino/cashmere mix is divine :)

  7. oh, you just made me want these cardis even more. crying... ;-)

  8. you're welcome to get them to ship it here..... oooh the temptation.



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