Preparing for Autumn

Friday 17 September 2010
It's officially autumn now. I can't believe how cold it has been this week. Gone are the days when I can walk out the door with a short sleeved top and carry a thin cardigan in my bag if the cold breeze set in. Lately, I've been wearing my woollen blazer and trench coat as well as my Hermes cashmere shawls. Brrrrr.......

 I was ill prepared when we first arrived in the U.K. I didn't own a waterproof jacket nor anything with a hood attached. Ever tried pushing a stroller uphill while holding an umbrella with the strong wind blowing? Now that Zara is finally online (what took them so long??!), I no longer have to search the entire store for just one item nor queue up for ages to try on a few garments and then queue again to pay AND deal with disinterested and rude staff.

So far, I've been window shopping with my finger (online shopping) and checking out the latest Autumn/Winter collections from various online stores. These are a few items that have caught my eye...

I've worn my Hermes riding boots to death. Perhaps, it's time to have an additional pair to swap between the two.

This will go very nicely with my winter dresses

This would be perfect for my sister since she's born in the year of Tiger.

 A splash of color will be welcome amidst a sea of black outfits

This is the missing piece in my wardrobe and was very much needed during the horrible winter last year.

For Little L, I've found a few treasures at Zara.

Little L will only wear dresses that she can twirl which is INCREDIBLY limiting!


  1. BTW - I can fit some of the Crewcuts stuff (I take a size 8 in the kids cabled cashmere sweaters for a fitted look) - which means you can too!! "S" in NY :)

  2. Hey, your very first comment! Really, S??! In that case, I'm going to have another look at crewcuts. What about XXL? How does that convert to adult size? Remember you're far skinnier than me.

  3. Uh-huh, it's me!!

    XXL could be huge. Seriously. I bought a boys' cashmere sweatshirt in sz 14 and it was too baggy! If you go to the J Crew website, a chat window usually pops up; you can ask the representative about sizing for anything (they'll give you measurements). Most girls' jackets are too small in the shoulder, though. "S"

  4. I wasn't that keen on anything from the adult section. Great idea about the chat function. Didn't realize they have it. I saw the XXL and it was size 14. I thought the sizing meant 14 years old. I'll give them another go. Not that I need anymore clothes....

  5. ahh, I need these boots! thanks for posting, xo

  6. Rachel, I think Zara recycles the same riding boots every year.



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