Sylvanian Families

Thursday 16 September 2010
I have a confession. I love toy stores more than Little L. I can't NOT walk into a toy store if I happen to chance upon one. The first thing I do when I trawl the Amazon site is to check out if any of my favorite brands are on sale. At the moment, it's Playmobil, Lego and Sylvanian families. In fact, I was so proud of myself for nabbing a HUGE box of Lego Duplo weighing 5 kgs from an unsuspecting dad for a grand total of £8 including courier delivery. It probably cost him far more to ship it to me. That was one of my best buys on eBay. Little L and her friends play with it every single day without fail. Soon after, I got her hooked on Playmobil. She created numerous stories from her Playmobil sets, each character plays a part in the grand adventure which usually involves a prince, a princess and a nasty witch.

Last year, I was stumped when trying to figure out the best gift for a soon to be 6 year old. My god-daughter climbed on my lap and whispered into my ear. "Gan-ma (Chinese for Godmother), can you keep a secret?" I nodded. "I'd like one of those make-up sets. It doesn't have to be a real one."

Her mother would've willingly strangled me should I appear on the doorstep with one. So I replied with a straight face that when she turned 18, I would buy a set of Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier make-up palette for her. "Wow", she said goggle eyed. "Bobbo Bown and Lola Mercer? Do they do those disappearing make up?" "No but you can put tons on and they stay on forever until you clean your face", I replied hoping my best friend wasn't within earshot of our conversation.

Anyhow, make-up was certainly out of the question for now. I decided those cute Sylvanian families would be more age appropriate. She's now absolutely mad for them so I purchase a set for her whenever her birthday or Christmas rolls around. Last week, I introduced Little L to Sylvanian Families as well and she hasn't stopped playing with them since. Bliss...... I can now reply to my emails or get a chore done in peace!

Presently, the Doughnut shop is Little L's favorite



  1. My daughter's all-time favorite toy was her Sylvanian family critters and doll house. We would play for hours. She is now 26 and married.
    I truly missed those times that I had with her.
    Sadly, I sold her toys once she outgrew them.
    I can't tell you how it tugs at my heart when I see the Ebay listings for these toys.
    Enjoy your time with your god-daughter.

  2. Thank you, Anon! Both my little girl and god-daughter are mad for Sylvanian families. Like you, we spend hours poring over their monthly magazines working out what to get. They grow so fast, don't they? I will miss her heaps when she goes to school full-time.



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