Afternoon High Tea at The Wolseley

Monday 20 September 2010
I had a Saturday all to myself so I decided to hop on the train to London. I've also made a booking for afternoon high tea at The Wolseley so that I could catch up with my friends. I can't imagine a more pleasant way to pass the day, surrounded by friends in a grand setting, sipping a cup of fragrant English Breakfast tea and nibbling on delicious sandwiches. Much as I enjoy the company of my girlfriends' husbands but our serious tete-a-tete regarding handbags, shoes and clothes resulted in much eye-rolling. I swore I heard one of the husbands choked on his tea when he heard the current price of a Chanel Maxi flap. I decided it was best not to talk about Hermes just in case he went into a cardiac arrest.

Normally, I detest sandwiches but these were scrumptious. The scones were buttery, light and fluffly. I could've easily scoffed down all 3 of them if I hadn't binged on the sandwiches. There were the best I've ever eaten. One of my girlfriends was subjected to a head to toe inspection by a rather arrogant waitress but thankfully, the service was polite, non intrusive and prompt thereafter.



tea strainer





  1. I'll have to take you the next time you come over to the UK

  2. What a wonderful tea time! The desserts look yummy too.;-)

  3. The next thing I'm going to try is their famous breakfast menu.

  4. You'll have to try Wolseley on your next European tour :)



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