Afternoon High Tea at The Wolseley

Monday, 20 September 2010
I had a Saturday all to myself so I decided to hop on the train to London. I've also made a booking for afternoon high tea at The Wolseley so that I could catch up with my friends. I can't imagine a more pleasant way to pass the day, surrounded by friends in a grand setting, sipping a cup of fragrant English Breakfast tea and nibbling on delicious sandwiches. Much as I enjoy the company of my girlfriends' husbands but our serious tete-a-tete regarding handbags, shoes and clothes resulted in much eye-rolling. I swore I heard one of the husbands choked on his tea when he heard the current price of a Chanel Maxi flap. I decided it was best not to talk about Hermes just in case he went into a cardiac arrest.

Normally, I detest sandwiches but these were scrumptious. The scones were buttery, light and fluffly. I could've easily scoffed down all 3 of them if I hadn't binged on the sandwiches. There were the best I've ever eaten. One of my girlfriends was subjected to a head to toe inspection by a rather arrogant waitress but thankfully, the service was polite, non intrusive and prompt thereafter.



tea strainer






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