Back to Bath Part Deux

Monday 6 September 2010
I was conscientious enough to print a million vouchers for the different tourist attractions. We ended up just wandering and exploring Bath, stopping whenever something caught our eye.

Royal Mineral Hospital

near bridge


Q victoria


king ed school

We came across Mr Simm's sweet shop and I just had to go in. The store is a sweet lover's paradise. I ended up getting a small bag of gummi bears and a candy bracelet for L who wolfed down the first when my back was turned. Hence, she's now only allowed two tiny nuggets from her candy bracelet per day. The bad and horrible witch of a mother that I am ;P

mr simms exterior

mr simms inside shop

mr simms hello kitty

Mr Simms1 bracelet

According to Tripadvisor, the best place to eat in Bath is a tiny cafe/bistro called Same Same but Different. A rather odd name but the simple and hearty dishes are some of the best I've ever had. The chef is British but the menu is compiled of a variety of tapas for lunch followed by mains. A small menu but every bite was divine.

We loved it so much we came back again, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for breakfast. Again, I wasn't disappointed. The scrambled eggs was creamy and delicious and so was the fried mushrooms seasoned with thyme. We gobbled everything up before I remembered I was supposed to photograph our meal. Christophe, the French manager and his staff were a delight. Steve was ecstatic that he'd found someone to practise his French with. L still talks about the amazing macaroni and cheese she'd eaten at the cafe.


SSBD squid
Lightly seared squid rings in spicy sauce. Just the right amount of tenderness and beyond sublime.

SSBD tortilla aioli
Tortilla with aioli. I was in heaven after my first bite. That didn't come out right. I sound like a vampire straight out of the Twilight movie.

SSBD mackerel chorizo salad
Smoked mackerel salad with chorizo and potatoes.

One of the staff there recommended us to check out a village called Charlcomb located just a mile outside of Bath. It was a steep uphill trek which was very much needed after two days of gluttony. St Mary's church apparently existed before the time of Henry VIII. It somehow miraculously managed to survive when the King ordered all Catholic churches to be destroyed. There was a holy well in the well maintained garden though the lovely locals we talked to knew nothing of its history.

Towards the village of Charlcomb

charlecombe church interior
The interior of St Mary's church. Please excuse the crooked photo. Hunger pang struck and I could barely hold my camera upright.

charlecombe church interior2

charlecombe well
The holy well

On our way back to the city, we walked past St Stephen's church. Too bad the doors were locked. I would've loved to see the interior.

st stephens2

The next day, we walked past the "famous" Sally Lunn's tearoom which purported to be the oldest house in Bath. Approximately three hundred years ago, a young French Huguenot refugee, Solange Luyon (who later became known as Sally Lunn) managed to find employment in this bakery and started making her version of the brioche. Soon, what is now known as the Sally Lunn bun grew in popularity and different versions are made all over the world, including New Zealand. There's a museum in the basement of the restaurant which comes complete with a surly curator. I guess I would have the same countenance if I had to sit next to an ancient and filthy kitchen all day.

About the food.....if you like bland and tasteless yellow lump (otherwise known as eggs) plonked on half a bun which looks like a burger bun on steroids and tastes like an ordinary burger bun, then give it a try. As for the "best coffee in Bath", my instant coffee tastes a million times better.

sally lunn

sally lunn exterior

sally lunn eggs

sally lunn cinnamon
Steve said his cinnamon bun wasn't too bad but I found it too powdery and sickeningly sweet.

sally lunn old kitchen
This is the medieval kitchen with a faggot oven. Don't snicker.

father and daughter
The father and daughter who thought it was hilarious pulling faces behind my back


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