Hermes Kelly 25cm Chevre Mysore & Hermes Evelyne PM Clemence

Tuesday 7 September 2010
I'm biting the bullet and selling a Hermes Kelly 25 from my personal collection which barely saw sunlight in its short lifespan. The leather is Chevre Mysore with Palladium hardware. The style is Sellier which is increasingly difficult to find at Hermes stores worldwide. I'm told that Hermes couldn't procure good quality Chevre Mysore for quite sometime, thus not many bags were made in this leather. I waited 3 years for my Birkin for the same reason and was asked to change the leather to something that's more popular - Togo or Clemence but I had my heart set on this lightweight leather. From memory, bags made in goatskin cost an additional 10% premium.

Hermes Kelly 25cm Sellier in Chevre Mysore. Color is Potiron (Pumpkin). Condition: Pristine. Price: £3450.

Click here to see more photos of the Kelly

Next up is a Hermes Evelyne PM (petit modele) in Taurillon Clemence. Again, the condition is near new. Color: Rouge Garance. I've got a similar Evelyne in Rouge H and I've used mine to death.

rouge evelyne1
Hermes Evelyne PM in Taurillon Clemence. Price: £1139. Click here to view more photos of the Evelyne.

rouge evelyne2


  1. I cannot believe that you are selling your Kelly! Oh how I wish that it was was 28 cm and a retourne. Sigh! Hugs, Linda

  2. Hubby thinks I'm crazy to sell it but I haven't used it in 4 years. I carry way too much junk. I too wish it's either a 28cm or 32cm.

  3. To be honest I think that you shall listen to your DH! It looked awesome on you (I remember your action picture on tPF). Hugs, Linda

  4. Thanks, Linda! You've always been so sweet and kind. I'm ashamed to say that I only take the bag out every now and then to admire it and then in it goes into the closet.



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