Sunday 5 September 2010
I thank God for wonderful parents whose love and unfailing devotion to me never cease
I thank God for siblings who despite our ups and downs will always be loyal no matter what. It's true what they say. Blood IS thicker than water.
I thank God that they were intelligent enough to provide me with remarkable sisters in law
I thank God for a loving and patient husband who puts up with me despite my bossiness and anal retentive nature
I thank God for giving me an extraordinary and affectionate daughter who tells me every 5 minutes that she loves me
I thank God for caring friends in the UK who banded together through the initial difficult years of adjustments, uncertainties and loneliness and bonded us tighter than glue
I thank God for the fantastic friends I've made in the UK in the past year who are my lifeline
I thank God for my two best friends and that our friendships have survived two decades

I thank God that the massive earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand happened at early hours in the morning when everyone was in bed
I thank God that despite being utterly traumatised, my family is safe and sound and there was no damage to their house.
I thank God that no one was killed.


  1. I say Amen to all the above .
    It might take even years to rebuild Christchurch ...
    500 buildings affected ,some historical ones notably the Deans bush flattened . We are still getting lots of aftershocks ,even right now ....on going at the moment -curfew,CBD,businesses ,schools are closed ,churches are not spared .Reief centres opened for hundreds of residents made homeless by damaged ,inhabitable properties .The enormity of the quake aftermath starts to sink in .
    ON the bright side ,there was no fatalities and heaps more people like our family are blessed to survive unscathed ,even our dwellings unaffected.
    It feels so surreal !!! Praise the Lord
    Let's forgive each other .I love you ALL .

  2. Ooh... I'm so holding you to that Mi! :-)



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