Summer dresses & tops

Monday 9 August 2010
I'm constantly on the lookout for summery dresses and unique tops. I'm trying to veer away from t-shirt jersey dresses in stark colors which I have tons of. Right now, I'm on a mission to start adding colors and prints into my wardrobe, inspired by fellow blogger, q9y8. Here are some inexpensive options I've found on Anthropologie.

My sister in law has just gone back to work after spending a couple of years being a SAHM and decided to do a wardrobe overhaul. She's enlisted my help to find some pretty necklaces. These are what I've found so far.

Since the color of the necklace is fairly neutral, it'd look pretty against any color palette, especially a tailored shift dress. Although the other necklaces from Anthropologie are pretty but anything more than £50 for a costume jewelry is a pretty steep price to pay unless there's a Chanel or Hermes logo stamped on it. Hubby said that I've got to stop thinking about resale value so much.


  1. What a pity that we don't have Anthropologie here.

  2. I haven't been to their store in London as I tend to buy online. site covers pretty much the entire Europe including where you are based :)



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