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Friday 6 August 2010
Please excuse the pun. I've been watching far too many reruns of the cutesy but addictive Australian kids' program "The Fairies".  My apologies for the lack of posts. I've been running around like a headless chook lately. Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) and WFHM (hey, my very own acronym! Fancy that. BTW, it stands for, working from home mom), the line between professional and home often blurs and I can be up till the wee hours in the morning answering inquiries. Besides, it's the only time when both the hubby and child are fast asleep and I get some "me" time.

I've been racking my brain trying to find activities for L to do but equally enjoyable for moi. I don't fancy making another trip to the playground. She was nuts about Thomas the Train engine up until last year so I thought a trip to the Thomas Watercressline would be a fantastic idea. Too bad my little nephew whom I purchased his very first Thomas train set years ago and is still obsessed with the character lives half way round the world. He would've flipped seeing the "real" Thomas.

Hubby finally relented (or should I say resigned) and accepted his belated birthday gift - a Samsung netbook instead of a B & W Zeppelin speaker. Being the good and dutiful wife that I am (cough, choke yeah right), I upgraded the RAM with the help of a friend, installed the software and set up the netbook so that it was ready to be used by the time he got home. I've forgotten all about the long winded process of setting up a PC. Ahhh..... now we can stop fighting over my (yes it's MINE) Macbook.


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