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Tuesday 10 August 2010
In my pocket of UK, terraced houses and flats within the city centre are cramped with little or no backyard. It's the price we pay to live so close to London but on the the hand, I can't begrudge the convenience of being within minutes from the shopping strip. After living for a year in a teeny tiny flat, we're now upgrading to a slightly more spacious and newer place. I've been busy surfing the net and devouring interior decorating magazines for ideas.

I just love the idea of a banquette with cosy nooks and entertaining friends who drop in for a cuppa. Unfortunately, our new place won't have this feature but I can dream, right?

Whilst I'm not a fan of pink, I like the idea of a day bed which doubles as a sofa/double bed with storage. I'm currently eyeing the Ikea Hemnes day bed which may just do the trick.

Since I'm allergic to clutter, I'd like my office to be in a hide-away workstation cum cupboard. I'm still looking for one that's reasonably priced and fully assembled. Unlike my dad and sister, I am a total klutz when it comes to DIY and I can't put together anything to save my life. Oh, and I have two black thumbs. To the horror of my friends, I've managed to singlehandedly kill my orchids which I'm told are hard to um... kill. So far, I have yet to successfully plant anything.


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