Hermes it Up

Thursday 12 August 2010
I try to incorporate different Hermes accessories with my outfit everyday. My Lena horn necklace is almost 3 years old but it's one of my most versatile piece of costume jewelry. The Hermes Evelyne PM2 in Rouge H is my everyday bag and perfect for the days when I'm chasing after L. It has been sat on by little ones, drenched in the rain and worn every other day but surprisingly, it still looks remarkably new.


Outfit: Anthropologie Top, Anthropologie Paperboy Khaki shorts, Hermes Lena Horn Necklace, Hermes Evelyne PM2 in Rouge H (Taurillon Clemence) and Tod's sandals.


  1. Nice! Is Anthropologie your favourite store now?

  2. Thanks, Mi & Chin. Well, I haven't even been to the store. However, their online store is fantastic. Super fast delivery and great service. And they're always on sale

  3. It looks great! Cheers, Linda

  4. What a casual chic outfit!

    BTW, so you've found a piece of big white paper? ;-)

  5. Thank you, Linda! More importantly, it hides all the jiggly bits :P

  6. q9y8, LOL, yes I found a big piece of paper. What I haven't found is lots of sunshine since I don't have studio lighting. Blame it on the English weather.



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