Asian Singers - Vienna Teng & Corinne May

Saturday 14 August 2010
I've just discovered Vienna Teng whilst browsing on YouTube. She's an American born Chinese who sings like an angel. She's also a classically trained pianist. Nothing moves me more than listening to the lilting melody from the piano. I love that she's not pop/mainstream and chooses to write meaningful songs instead of the standard love ballads. Her performances are beautiful to watch as opposed to the raunchy and sexually charged concerts and music videos favored by many singers nowadays. I'm thoroughly sick of listening to obscenities and violent lyrics performed by gyrating singers wearing next to nothing in front of young and impressionable teens.

Corinne May is a Singaporean singer who is currently based in the US. She mostly composes Christian songs as she is a devout Catholic herself. One of my favorite songs, "The Answer" never fails to inspire and comfort me when I'm facing adversity.


  1. beautiful. it's good to know that there's still some "real" music out there!

    sorry for the late reply. i'm from miri :) are you from kuching?

  2. Very inspiring and beautiful music !!! particularly like 'The Answer' Thanks Li :))

  3. Yes, I am, Alysha. My cousin lives in Miri so we're heading there (if time permits) sometime this year. You'll probably know them? They own the Chicago School of Music.

  4. Mi, that's my favorite song from Corinne May's album.



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