Monday 7 June 2010
From Anoyia, we took the bus to Rethymno where we stayed just one night before meeting Jen and Andrew the next day for our long awaited trip to Argiroupoli. Having been to all the museums and churches previously (I was a little anal 12 years ago), I have no intention of dragging a hyperactive and motormouthed 4 year old. Instead, we took a nice long stroll in the town centre and wandered around all the back streets of Rethymno. I had only vague memory of the place. Perhaps, I was too saturated and overwhelmed with new experiences by the time I got there.

We stayed at Hotel Poseidon which was aptly named as the beach was right in front of our doorstep. The hotel was cheap and clean as well as being in a great location. My only gripe was the owner. In the beginning, he was friendly and chatty. And then he just got annoying. It was difficult trying to sit down at the lounge trying to hold a conversation with Steve without him adding his two cents in. He would corner both of us at different times, to plead his case. Write something positive on Tripadvisor. If there was anything negative, do not, under any circumstances write anything. It came across a little too desperate and made me feel exceedingly uncomfortable.

view from hotel rethymno
Since I'm not a sun worshipper, the lounge chairs were wasted on me. However, it was wonderful to sit on the balcony and feel the breeze against my face and hear the sounds of the waves crashing to the shore.

rethymno harbor
I wish I had taken the opportunity to wake up earlier and capture the sunrise from the old harbor.

Rethymno L2
She's a happy chappy after receiving a small princess Playmobil set from daddy AND a nice tub of ice cream from me. She insisted on wearing the necklace throughout our trip. She made it in school and was thrilled with her "costume jewelry".

Flowers flowers everywhere

I love sitting under the shade and sampling the local cuisine at the tavernas.


Narrow alleys weaved throughout the entire old town

The local artist trying to capture the beautiful street on the paper

worry beads2
Worry beads which is a constant companion amongst the older Greek men. They can be found playing with it or swing it around as they chatted away with their friends over a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

A pink Vespa. How cool is that?

beer bottles
Interesting beer bottles at a pub which catered to mainly German tourists.



  1. why "worry" beads ??!! Always a delight to see the *sunshine* smile :)) on L
    Btw ,like those interesting beer bottles .

  2. Mi, I'm not sure why they're called worry beads but only old men carry them around.



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