Best friend's birthday party

Tuesday 8 June 2010
Little L's best friend had a birthday party this weekend. Poor Lou, her mama vowed this is the last birthday party she'd plan for a long time.  We agreed that next year, we'll just bring the two best buddies and an additional friend or two to an afternoon High Tea. The birthday girl can choose her present - within a nominated budget of course. Personally, I can't imagine going through the preparations all over again and the stress leading up to the day. Oh and not to mention, consoling numerous kids who'd burst into tears for one reason or another.

Nonetheless, it was an absolutely wonderful birthday party with a personal appearance from Cinderella herself. The two best friends are truly inseparable and any long separations will result in dramatic and drawn out pining for the other. What's remarkable is that they both look out for each other and take no prisoners if one's being bullied. They can easily spend hours chatting and giggling and dream up fairy tale stories where both have roles to play.

Truly stunning cake and a sight to behold. Furthermore, it was delicious.

The two best friends, glued to the hips.

A common sight between the two girls. Both Lou and I have ceased trying to understand their jokes.


The very patient and tolerant Cinderella. My hat's off to her for being able to deal with 20 headstrong kids.


The only little boy that the girls allow in their closely knitted group. And the reason is.....they needed a boy to play the part of Prince Charming. He must've had enough of girly things one day when he announced little L's shoes were rubbish and caused a massive uproar amongst the girls. The poor kid. Lesson 1: do NOT mess with girls when you're the Lone Ranger. You'll end up in a bloodbath.





  1. looks like a fairy tale party. happy birthday to the girls!

  2. The kids had a ball. The adults, on the other hand needed a drink.



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