Statement Necklace

Wednesday 9 June 2010
I've spent years wearing neutral clothes with mostly understated accessories. Now I just want to do the opposite. Well, at least for now as you probably know, a leopard can't change its spots.

Whenever I'm on holiday, I'd like to bring back a souvenir from the countries I've visited. From China, it was a handmade Long Horned Miao dress which had taken the seller 5 years to make. They planted the cotton, harvested it, weaved on their loom, hand-printed with vegetable dye and then embroidered the apron with exquisite detail. From my previous journey to Greece, I brought back a hand-woven carpet from Napflio with a motif that could only be found from the precinct. While I was in Borneo, I purchased a handcrafted wooden Dayak medicine bowl.

This time, I chanced upon this tiny store on the corner of a main street in Chania. The owners, a brother and sister team have a discerning taste in clothes and accessories. They've managed to edit and display pieces from both well known and unheard designers in such a small space. They were not only genuinely nice, they were honest. I was contemplating between two necklaces and he diplomatically told me the pros and cons for both items without being pushy. I decided that I wanted a statement necklace from a Greek designer, Eleni Dimitriadis whose line Artwear Dimitriadis are all handmade in Athens and relatively inexpensive. This cost me 120€ which was far cheaper than some of the costume jewelry I've seen at Anthropologie.


Kydonias 24 & Karaiskaki
Chania, Crete
Tel: 28219 73466


  1. Thanks, Chin. I thought something cheerful and bright would be great for summer.

  2. i love it too! it'll go with anything esp a white summer dress.

  3. You're absolutely right, Terri. I'm currently expanding my repertoire of colors and I'd love to get a white summery top or dress.



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