The girl who brings rain

Sunday 6 June 2010
Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine. Her name's Jen or otherwise known as the The Girl Who Brings Rain. In fact, her chinese name means rain. Wherever she goes, the rain was sure to come. Check out the photo below. She's the girl smacked between the the Shaolin Monk and the monkey disguised as a child.


Here are some examples. So far, she'd only visited me twice and both times, it poured cats and dogs. We had lovely weather in Crete (we'd left for Crete first) but the day she arrived in Rethymno, it started to drizzle and it continued to do so until she left the island. The temperature went from a cool 19 C to a boiling 33 C. The locals were mystified because it NEVER rained in May or June. A few days later, she traveled to Amsterdam. It hailed. Yes, right in the middle of spring.

We have plans to travel together again. But....I'm smarter now. I won't forget to bring along our raincoats and umbrellas. By the way, we're willing to hire her out to countries who are currently experiencing severe drought. She will travel to the location for free provided the airfares are paid for and food is provided. Yes, lots of food because this tiny lady can out-eat ANY man.


  1. Wah, the force is really strong in this one!

  2. Yoda: Rain she brings. Weather she controls.



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