Thursday 20 May 2010
Or otherwise known as hello in Greek. It was rather nerve wrecking having to check updates continuously to find out whether our flight was going to be canceled or not due to the ashes blown over from the Icelandic volcano. Whew! We made it to Iraklio in the end. Twelve years have passed since I last stepped foot in Crete and Iraklio hasn't changed all that much. The city looked like it was built rather haphazardly with no semblance of order whatsoever. Steve actually said it reminded him of a smaller version of Jakarta and I secretly agreed. Motorcycles zigzagged everywhere even on the pavements and graffiti and rubbish are a common sight.

However, it was so lovely to feel the sun on our faces especially coming from the gloomy UK. Cretan hospitality is second to none. Their love for children is legendary. It helped that L is chatty, exuberant (I was going to say, hyper-active) and is prone to dramatic gestures so she has sweets piled on her that she wasn't allowed to eat.

Our first stop after dropping our bags at Marin Dream hotel was food. Before I go any further, the service there is exceptional and our room was spotless and completely adequate. In addition, the location is superb as we were minutes from the bus station and the town centre. All for £55 per night including breakfast. We were absolutely starving and managed to find an ouzeri filled with locals having a late lunch. The food was DIVINE. The best we've had so far.

greek salad
The tomatoes weren't kept in the fridge like other tavernas I've been to. They were sweet, succulent and juicy.

fish roe
Taramasalata. Pureed fish roe which Steve inhaled within seconds

grilled octopus
Grilled octopus with butter rice. Yum!

grilled sardines
Fresh fresh fresh sardines. Simply grilled with a wedge of lemon

Fried kalamari

fried potatoes
I'm very particular about my fried potatoes. These were done just right, none of that limp, lukewarm crap.

custard dessert
Courtesy of the taverna owner. I don't know what this is called. It's a custard/pastry cake. Steve normally detests cakes but as you can see, we gulped down half of it before I remembered to take out my camera.

The ouzeri is on a little alleyway, just off the main shopping strip heading towards the Venetian Fortress. The address for this place is:
Ouzeri Katsinas
Kosma Zotou

Our next stop was along the harbor towards the Venetian Fortress. We passed by the fishermen repairing the nets.

fishing net

fisherman at Iraklio

fishermen Iraklio

cat with strange eyes

One of many stray cats on the island.

fountain iraklio
Morosini Fountain. We found a yummy souvlaki place at a very reasonable price just opposite the fountain.

Church of Ayia Aikaterini of Sinaites
Church of Ayia Aikaterini of Sinaites

No trip to Iraklio is complete without a customary visit to Knossos. Since it was my second visit, I whizzed through the entire ruins under an hour, preferring to entertain my 4 year old diva at the cafe nearby.

pots Knossos

painting knossos


throne room knossos

steve & lauren iraklio


  1. what a relief your flight went well !! wow those 3x fresh sardines...Di's favourite btw the shoes arrived 2 days ago Thanks Enjoy the sunshine and lots of seafood . L should have matching sunglasses like daddy :) love Mi

  2. Hi Mi, L is missing you and Di a lot. She has been asking for the two of you everyday and insists on taking you and Di on our next holiday together. Says that she wants to live with you!!! Unfortunately, I can't use skype because there's a problem with my laptop battery charger so my MacBook is dead as doornail.



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