No blogging for a little while

Friday 28 May 2010
My battery charger for my Macbook managed to sizzle and spark before dying a slow and painful death. So I'm left with gazillions of photos and no laptop to upload or edit these. I've ordered a new charger from Apple but that won't get delivered until early next week.

Thank heavens for the iPhone! I can't live without my laptop and Internet access. I can't believe how much things cost in Greece. A replacement charger costs £49 plus postage back in the UK but the retailers charge 96.75€/£82.10! No wonder my poor Cretan friends launched into tirades each time I asked them about the cost of living here.


  1. It's a sign, - time to upgrade your MacBook!

  2. have been checking your blog daily .....Be patient !!! Take care :)

  3. Chin, gotta get a netbook for Steve first before I contemplate about acquiring a MacBook pro. No fun fighting over a laptop.

    Mi, I posted a reply to your earlier comment. L is missing you and Di heaps.

  4. Wha-t? A netbook? You should give Steve your MacBook and get the new MacBook Pro for yourself. They've really dropped in price here, - the 13" is now only NZD$1799 (on special), with faster HD, and 10 hour battery life.
    Looking forward to more photos from your trip!

  5. My comment somehow disappear !!! anyway read your previous reply .missing L too and her sweet n cheeky smile :D Give her a BIG cyberspace HUG..Muahmuahmuh Tell her we will go kaliu together someday . Yeah, really anticipating your updates and many lovely photos of Greece !

  6. Chin, Steve actually asked if I wanted to upgrade. Hmmmm.... Not sure yet. A netbook is so much lighter though and cheaper. Decisions decisions decisions

    Mi, your granddaughter announced TODAY that she wants to move back to NZ and live with you two. Sheesh.

  7. She's probably missing her own home and her friends esp her best friend .I'm quite sure once we get to talk on skype back in UK she is back to ONLY mummy's daughter Hehehe !!



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