Bib Necklace

Saturday 15 May 2010
I rummaged through my closet the other day to hunt for long forgotten summer clothes only to find 2 out of 3 were black. I wear a lot of black and frankly speaking, I'm sick of black. I know they're slimming, hide a multitude of sins, yada yada yada , yawn. I don't want to get rid of my clothes but I thought a nice BIG and colorful necklace should liven my wardrobe up a bit. From now onwards, I'm on the hunt for colored outfits. I'll start with navy and work my way towards slightly brighter prospects.

I certainly won't deny the fact that any necklaces by Lanvin or Chanel would certainly fill the gap in my closet but my budget doesn't stretch that far. I wanted something bright and bold. After months of searching, I found this on H & M for £7.99.

H&M bib necklace


  1. Seriously? £7.99? What an amazing find! You've got to take a pic of what it looks like against one of your black dresses.

  2. Yup, £7.99! And I found that stunning H&M dress shown on Gwyneth Paltrow's blog for £24.99. Too bad they didn't have my size. I'll take a pic for you soon.



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