Chanel Tweed Jacket

Friday 14 May 2010
I've always been crazy about Chanel tweed jackets. They're timeless and so nonchalantly decadent when paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans. I've been lucky to have bought a few vintage Chanel jackets at ridiculously low prices but since I knew nothing about tailoring and lived hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from the nearest Chanel store, I gave up trying to alter them to suit me so off they went on eBay. *sob* I've regretted my actions ever since. 

Take a look at this. I tore a page out of a magazine back in 2003. The look is still current even though 7 years has passed.

kylie minogue chanel

I love everything about this. The contrasting red boucle jacket against the striped tee with a black stole thrown carelessly over the neck.

kate moss chanel

Here are more examples of Chanel tweed jackets worn by celebrities.

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I found a fascinating article on Time magazine which talked about the history of the Chanel tweed jacket. Take a look at this


  1. JCrew seems to do a version of tweed jacket every season, and they are quite nice! Your post has reminded me to drag my JCrew jacket out and put it to use.

  2. JCrew has some really amazing stuff. Simple basics but beautifully made. I bet Net-a-porter will charge a fortune for them. I saw a few tweed boucle jackets at Zara which were quite cheap. It's autumn at your end and just the right weather for tweed.

  3. Chanel ready to wear for Spring 2010 goes on sale next week at all Chanel stores in the USA.

  4. How I wish I live in the States! But then again, it's just as well I don't because I will be shopping everyday.

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