Weekend in London Part 3

Tuesday 6 April 2010
One of the places our group tends to congregate to is the Peninsula Chinese Restaurant at North Greenwich. It's a nice stroll from our friends' apartments and the food's superb AND cheap. We normally go for dim sum and the little dishes are as authentic as you can get outside of Hong Kong. After a leisurely lunch, we staggered out with our bellies full. Thank God for leggings and elastic band. Who was the genius who designed them? The cost of stuffing ourselves silly? £8.25 per person.

chicken feet

har gao

shin chuk kin

siu mai

har cheong fan



  1. hi! thnx for visiting n commenting on my blog! this is an awesome site, n your photos are one of the best i've seen. i know it's the skills, but i can be half as good if i hav a similar camera so what cam is this..?? am looking to get a new cam. n how come ppl tell me chinese food in england's not so good? these dim sum look just like those in hk. i'm coming to london a month from now, so i'll love to get a list of what not to miss there!

  2. Hi Terri! Thank you for the lovely compliments. You've just made MY day. I've got an old Canon DSLR (400D). The lens kit that came with it was utterly hopeless. Two years ago, I replaced it with Canon 17-55mm IS and it made all the difference. I also do a lot of editing on PS Elements.

    BTW, I've linked your blog on my favorites here so I don't miss a post. Since introducing my mother to your site, she's hooked!

    I'd love to meet up with you if you have time. I know a few eating places so yes, I can send you a list.

  3. Have you tried Pearl Liang near Paddington station?
    I love it there, they've got the classics plus some fusion dishes

    wasabi hakau
    shanghai dumplings...etc

    Def worth a visit :)

  4. I've read that they're rated very high amongst the foodies. Will definitely check it out. Have you been into Anthropologie? BTW, will email you for tips to go around Crete.



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