Weekend in London Part 2

Monday 5 April 2010
A big thank you to Evelyn for organizing the High Tea at Waldorf Hilton. The interior at the patisserie room was very cosy and inviting. The service was exceptional. Nothing was too much trouble for them including endless requests for tea and babycino refills. L announced that the strawberry tart was the best she'd ever eaten and "mommy, can you make the same thing at home?".  Well....let's hope she forgets what she'd asked for.

It is rather rare for the 3 of us to have the chance to properly catch up with our fellow Kiwi mates who live in London. I remember when all of us first talked about moving to the UK approximately 3 years ago. It took another 6 months of paperwork to sort out the permit and visa. The first year was rather difficult. The cost of the move, settling down in a new country, change of jobs and leaving our friends and family behind. Two years later, all of us have somewhat acclimatised and settling down rather nicely. We're all using this opportunity to travel as much as possible.

waldorf hilton1

waldorf hilton2

high tea1

white chocolate cake


high tea3

L at Waldorf



  1. Glad that you guys had such a relaxing and fun Easter break in London :D Great photos !!! Lauren looks so happy and satisfied .....she must have enjoyed the yummy food .

  2. She did, Mi. Really gorged on everything and spoilt by all the aunties and uncles who kept buying treats for her.



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